SC/Tetra Basic Seminar

Innovative CFD Software

The main objectives of this course are to let the attendees become familiar with the basic
operation of SC/Tetra and to equip them to handle problems that are encountered during the
product design process. The attendees will gain knowledge on:
  • Basic operation of SC/Tetra
  • Preparation of geometry data from CAD data
  • Checking the validity of the simulation
  • Advanced functions of SC/Tetra
  • Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help

Course Outline
    1. Introduction to CFD
    2. Basic Operation of SC/Tetra
    3. Adaptive Mesh Refinement
    4. Importing Data
    5. Moving object (discontinuous mesh + ALE)
    6. Moving object (overset mesh + ALE)
    7. Moving object (discontinuous mesh + ALE+ induced motion)
    8. Periodic boundary condition
    9. Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help

    Current HyperWorks Customers*:
    • Early Bird Special: $500
    • Standard: $750

    Non HyperWorks Customers:
    • Early Bird Special: $1200
    • Standard: $1,500

*In order to qualify, HyperWorks users must download Cradle software prior to the registration.

3/19/2012-3/21/2012   Altair Headquarters, Troy, MI

4/17/2012-4/19/2012   Dayton, OH

6/12/2012-6/14/2012   Dayton, OH

7/16/2012-7/18/2012   Altair Headquarters, Troy, MI

9/18/2012-9/20/2012   Dayton, OH

12/4/2012-12/6/2012   Dayton, OH

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