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1/22/2010-12/10/2010HW Best Practice Webinare Webinar HyperWorks Best Practice Webinare
kostenfreie 30-40 minütige Webinare zu HyperWorks
3/28/2016-9/30/2016大学生方程式汽车大赛 Altair Event 中国大学生方程式汽车大赛2016赛季活动方案
5/23/2016-5/25/2016Washington, DC Industry Event Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference 2016
Visit Gold Sponsor Altair at exhibit
5/24/20169:00 am ET Webinar Introduction to LeanCOST by Hyperlean (9 am EDT)
5/24/20161:00 pm ET Webinar Introduction to LeanCOST by Hyperlean (1 pm EDT)
5/25/2016-5/27/2016東京ビッグサイト Industry Event ワイヤレス・テクノロジー・パーク 2016(WTP2016)
5/25/2016-5/27/2016Tokyo, Japan Industry Event Wireless Technology Park (WTP) 2016
5/30/2016-6/4/2016Bilbao, Spain Industry Event ADDIT3D 2016
6/1/201610:00- 広島国際会議場 Altair Event HyperWorks 14.0 ロールアウトセミナー@広島
6/1/201610 AM EDT Webinar FEKO Webinar: Taking Radar Cross Section (RCS) Simulation to the Next Level
6/2/2016大阪 Altair Event HyperWorks 14.0 ロールアウトセミナー @大阪
6/2/2016-6/3/2016成都天府丽都喜来登饭店 Altair Event ATCx-电磁仿真应用暨FEKO用户大会
6/2/2016-6/3/2016成都天府丽都喜来登饭店 Altair Event ATCx-电磁仿真应用暨FEKO用户大会
6/3/20169:30-名古屋市工業研究所 Altair Event HyperWorks 14.0 ロールアウトセミナー @名古屋
6/6/201610:00- コングレスクエア日本橋 Altair Event HyperWorks 14.0 ロールアウトセミナー @東京
6/6/2016-6/10/2016Madurai, India Industry Event India Antenna Week (IAW) 2016
6/7/201608:00, The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), Bristol Altair Event Industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing - From Concept to End Product | ATCx AM
6/7/201610:00 - 15.30 Uhr/ InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport Altair Event Hyperworks Crash and Safety Roll Out
6/7/201610:00 - 11:00 /kostenfreies Webinar Webinar Webinar: Effiziente Schweißnahtbewertung in der Praxis
6/7/2016-6/9/2016Orlando, FL Industry Event Milsoft Users Conference 2016
6/7/2016-6/9/2016Milano, Italy Industry Event Technology Hub 2016
6/7/2016-6/9/2016Seattle, WA Industry Event NAFEMS 2016 Americas Conference
NAFEMS 2016 Americas Conference
6/8/201610:00 am ET Webinar The Three-Click Workflow of nanoFluidX, HyperMesh, and SimLab
6/9/2016-6/12/2016Rochester, NY Industry Event 2016 Baja SAE
2016 Baja SAE
6/13/2016-6/17/2016Washington Hilton, Washington DC Industry Event 2016 AIAA Aviation
2016 AIAA Aviation
6/13/2016-6/17/2016München Industry Event SPHERIC 2016
6/14/201610:00 am ET Webinar Increase the efficiency of your product development by combining Finite Element (RADIOSS) and Macro Element (Crash Cad Calculate) methods
6/14/2016-6/15/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
6/14/2016-6/22/2016INDIA Altair Event Shorten System Design Cycles with Model Based Development
6/15/2016-6/17/2016Regina, Canada Industry Event 2016 Canada's Farm Progress Show
2016 Canada's Farm Progress Show
6/15/2016-6/17/2016Bangalore | Chennai | Pune Altair Event Predict & Eliminate Squeak & Rattle Noise in Automotive Vehicles
6/16/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training
6/16/201610:00 am ET Webinar Using VMAP and OptiStruct for modal testing and FEA-test correlation
6/16/2016-6/17/2016武汉沌口长江大酒店 Altair Event ATCx-高度非线性仿真技术暨RADIOSS 2016用户大会
6/17/2016ウィンクあいち 愛知県産業労働センター Altair Event ATCx – 複合材設計ソリューションセミナー 2016
6/17/2016-6/18/2016Frankfurt, Germany Industry Event HP-CAST 26
6/19/2016-6/23/2016Frankfurt, Germany Industry Event ISC High Performance 2016
6/21/2016中国 Webinar Altair 网络研讨会系列:全新一代挤压仿真工具---Altair HyperXtrude2015
6/22/201610 AM EDT Webinar FEKO Webinar: EMC Simulation of Automotive, Aerospace & Other Applications with FEKO
6/26/2016-7/1/2016Fajardo, Puerto Rico Industry Event 2016 IEEE APS/URSI
6/28/2016 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry Altair Event The Gateway to Enhanced NVH Quality | ATCx NVH
6/28/2016-6/29/2016Paris, France Industry Event TERATEC 2016 Forum
6/28/2016-6/29/2016Antony, France Altair Event KTex Family Training
7/10/2016-7/13/2016Montreal, Canada Industry Event ANTEM 2016
7/11/2016-7/13/2016Rennes, France Industry Event CEM 2016
7/11/2016-7/15/2016London, UK Industry Event EUROEM 2016
7/13/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
7/21/2016-7/22/2016日本橋プラザ Industry Event FEMFAT定期トレーニング for BIW / Chassis[BASIC, MAX, WELD, SPOT](主催:マグナ・インターナショナル・ジャパン)
7/24/2016-7/29/2016Ottawa, Canada Industry Event EMC 2016 Canada
7/28/2016-7/29/2016Stellenbosch, South Africa Industry Event SA IEEE Joint AP/MTT/EMC Chapter Conference 2016
8/1/2016-8/4/2016Traverse City, MI Industry Event CAR Management Briefing Seminars
8/2/2016-8/3/2016Harbin, China Industry Event ICEICT 2016
8/5/2016アクロス福岡 Altair Event ATCx – 造船技術セミナー
8/8/2016-8/11/2016Shanghai, China Industry Event PIERS 2016
8/17/2016-8/20/2016Detroit, MI Industry Event IDSA International Conference 2016
Visit solidThinking at booth #322
9/5/2016-9/9/2016Wroclaw, Poland Industry Event EMC Europe 2016
9/6/2016-9/7/2016Köln, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
9/6/2016-9/8/2016Austin, Texas Industry Event HPC User Forum
9/7/2016-9/9/2016Novi, MI Industry Event 2016 SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
2016 SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
9/8/2016Köln, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training
9/8/2016-9/9/2016Los Angeles, CA Altair Event Converge 2016 – Americas
9/14/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
9/20/2016-9/22/2016Essen Altair Event SolidThinking Converge Conference
9/20/2016-9/22/2016Boston, MA Industry Event EDICON USA 2016
9/26/2016-9/29/2016Anaheim, CA Industry Event 2016 CAMX
2016 CAMX Composites and Advanced Materials Expo
10/3/2016-10/7/2016London, UK Industry Event European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2016
10/4/2016-10/5/2016Lyon, France Industry Event 3D Print 2016
10/14/2016日本科学未来館 (Miraikan) Altair Event solidThinking CONVERGE
10/16/2016-10/21/2016Dallas, Texas Industry Event SEG International Exposition and 86th Annual Meeting
10/17/2016-10/20/2016New Orleans, LA Industry Event 2016 SAVE
2016 SAVE 87th Shock and Vibration Symposium
10/18/2016-10/21/2016Waltham, MA Industry Event 2016 IEEE Int. Symposium on Phased Array Systems & Technology
10/20/2016-10/21/2016Antony, France Altair Event KTex Family Training
10/30/2016-11/4/2016Austin, TX Industry Event AMTA 2016
11/3/2016-11/7/2016Providence, Rhode Island Industry Event 2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
11/14/2016-11/17/2016Salt Lake City, Utah Industry Event Supercomputing 2016
11/15/2016-11/16/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
11/16/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
11/17/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training
12/5/2016-12/9/2016New Delhi, India Industry Event APEMC 2016
7/7/2017Tokyo Altair Event JP_Test(Yumi)

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