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With the emergence of cloud computing and big data, organizations will no longer compete solely on differentiators such as brand, quality, price, and customer service. They are rapidly evolving to be data-driven enterprises. Those that can efficiently visualize and extract deeper insight from data stores, analyze and predict business performance, and optimize decision-making – at all levels – will be positioned for success.

Altair’s Enterprise Software and Solutions division helps companies solve business and engineering problems at the desktop, team and enterprise levels. We work with our clients to increase organizational efficiency by combining industry leading software solutions with tailored services to deliver high-performance cloud computing, systems integration, process automation, analytics and data management solutions.

We believe that the volume, velocity and variety of data requires the convergence of analytics with math-based simulation, leveraging of high-performance cloud computing to rapidly “guide” robust decision-making to fully capitalize on its value. These are the core tenets on which we are developing our technology, partner eco-system and solutions for our clients.

These solutions include: HyperWorks On-Demand, HyperWorks Unlimited, Simulation Cloud Suite, Reporting Automation Director, NVH Director, Impact Simulation Director, Durability Director, Squeak & Rattle Director, Weight Analytics, Software Asset Optimization and more.

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