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Altair’s mature partner ecosystem is the foundation of our open-systems philosophy to maximize the performance, interoperability and reliability of our products in any environment.

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 PartnerType Partner ProductsRegion
A R Technologies HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Nashik
Acer PBS Reseller, PBS Integration, PBS Implementation, TechnologyPBSGlobal
ACER India PBS ResellerPBSIndia
ADParametrik, Inc. HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSPhilippines
Advanced Engineering HW ResellerHyperWorksCzech Republic
AE Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Italy
AgileSim Technology Corp. HW ResellerHyperWorksTaiwan
AKFH PBS Reseller, PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBSGlobal
AnsyCad Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Mumbai
Applied Magnetics HW ResellerHyperWorksSwitzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein
Aquion Pty Ltd PBS ResellerPBS 
ARAVision Incorporated PBS Reseller, PBS ImplementationPBSTaiwan
ARGO GRAPHICS Inc. ( 株式会社アルゴグラフィックス) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSJapan
Askanet PBS Reseller, PBS ImplementationPBSKorea
Astra Research HW ResellerHyperWorksItaly
ATE (Advanced Technology Enterprise Ltd.) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSSingapore
Beijing Digital Insight Information Technology Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Beijing RuiTuo Technology HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Beijing TianYuan Technology Corporation Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Best Systems Inc.(株式会社ベストシステムズ) PBS ResellerPBSJapan
Bremar Automotion Australia Pty Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksAustralia & New Zealand
Bright Computing PBS Reseller, PBS ImplementationPBSGlobal
Bright Skies PBS ResellerPBSUAE
Bull PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
C2ES Korea HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
CB Tech PBS ResellerPBSUSA
CCPL, Kolkata HW ResellerPBSIndi
CHONGQING SONGFAR Technology Co., Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
ClusterKit PBS ResellerPBSThailand
COINAV S.A. HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSEcuador
CompMechLab HW ResellerHyperWorksRussia
Computerized Analysis & Simulation (CAS) HW ResellerHyperWorksIsrael
ComRel Technologies HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSMalaysia
Concept information Technology Pvt.Ltd PBS ResellerPBSIndia
Corporación Eco Eficiente HW ResellerHyperWorksColombia
Cray PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Cray Japan Inc. (クレイ・ジャパン・インク) PBS ResellerPBSJapan
Csoft HW ResellerHyperWorksRussia
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (ダイキン工業株式会社 PBS ResellerPBSJapan
DELL India PBS ResellerPBSIndia
DELL Middle East PBS ResellerPBSIndia
DES ART sp. z.o.o. HW ResellerHyperWorksPoland
DesignTech Systems Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia
DTS (Design Through Simulation) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSThailand
Eastern Max Tech. Corp HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
ECARD Tech Corporation HW ResellerHyperWorksTaiwan
Finite to Infinite HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Maharashtra
Flotrend Corporation HW ResellerHyperWorksTaiwan
Fujitsu Limited (富士通株式会社) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSJapan
Fujitsu Technology Solutions PBS ResellerPBSGlobal
Global Engineering Technology Group HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Hewlett Packard PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
HIRISOFT(Dalian)Co.,LTD. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
HPCシステムズ株式会社 (HPC Systems Inc.) PBS ResellerPBSJapan
HSL Company Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksTaiwan
Huawei PBS ResellerPBSUAE
IBM PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Incaetek HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Kerela
Information Services International-Dentsu Ltd. (ISID) HW ResellerHyperWorksJapan
Infowrap Tech. Inc. PBS ResellerPBSTaiwan
Integral Mining HW ResellerHyperWorksChile
ISPT HW ResellerHyperWorksGermany
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation HW ResellerHyperWorksJapan
Jaewoo Tech HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
James River Technical, Inc. PBS ResellerPBSUSA
Jaryba PBS Reseller, TechnologyPBSGlobal
Johokobo Inc HW ResellerHyperWorksJapan
Korea Simulation Technologies HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
Lavender Technologies & Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Coimbatore
Leet HW Implementation, PBS ResellerPBSKorea
Lenovo India PBS ResellerPBSIndia
Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited PBS ResellerPBSIndia
MACCON HW ResellerHyperWorksGermany, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Austria
MAT HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSThailand
Micropoint Limited PBS ResellerPBSIndia
MOASOFT HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
Mohan Business Link HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Vishakhapatnam
MVT Group Inc. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
NEC Solution Innovators PBS ResellerPBSJapan
New System Vietnam HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSVietnam
NOIETEC S.A. HW ResellerHyperWorksArgentina
NX Technologies HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Pune
OOO Programa HW ResellerHyperWorksRussia
Optis HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
ORS Technologies HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSMalaysia
Oxalya PBS Reseller, PBS Implementation France
Penguin Computing PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSNorth America
POLYCAE Computer Sci. & Tech. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Prema Software HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Bhopal
Prompt Engineering HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSItaly
PT Wisma Teknik Lestari HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSIndonesia
RaonX Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
Redington India PBS ResellerPBSIndia
Rodnik SPE, Inc. HW ResellerHyperWorksRussia
RPM Mfg Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksBangalore
SCSK Corporation (SCSK株式会社) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSJapan
Serviware PBS Reseller, PBS ImplementationPBSFrance
SGI PBS Reseller, TechnologyHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
SGI Australia PBS ResellerPBSAustralia & New Zealand
SGI Japan, Ltd. (日本SGI株式会社) PBS ResellerPBSJapan
SGI Korea (eHYS) PBS ResellerPBSKorea
Shanghai HEPU Information Technology Co., Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Shanghai Qianrui Automotive Enigeering Technology Co.,Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Shanghai Wellture Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Shenzhen Finite Element Technology Co.,Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Silicon Micro Systems HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia, Bangalore
SimCAE Engineering Co., Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
SoftPrint HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSThailand
Solution Korea HW ResellerHyperWorksSouth Korea
Spartasoft Technology Solutions HW ResellerHyperWorksInda: Pune
ST Engineering HW ResellerHyperWorksTurkey
StackIQ PBS Reseller, PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Subham Infotech HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Delhi, NCR, North India
Super Technologies HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Hyderabad
SYC Corporation(株式会社エス・ワイ・シー PBS ResellerPBSJapan
TECCAM INFOSOLUTIONS LLP HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia: Maharashtra
TERRABYTE (SHANGHAI) Co.,Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Terrabyte Co., Ltd. ( 株式会社テラバイト) HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSJapan
TopF HW ResellerPBSThailand
Transvalor PBS ResellerPBSGlobal
Trinity Engineering HW ResellerHyperWorksKorea / Automotive Industry
Unite Digital System HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
UNIVA PBS Reseller, TechnologyPBSGlobal
UpViet HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSVietnam
Vernalis HW ResellerHyperWorksIndia, Chennai
Vietbay Consultants and Trading Company Ltd HW Reseller, PBS ResellerHyperWorks, PBSVietnam
Visual Tech PBS ResellerPBSJAPAN
Wipro Infotech PBS ResellerPBSIndia
Wisay Information technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Worklogix Middle East LLC HW ResellerHyperWorksUAE
Wuhan RuiFeng TuoDa Science and Technology Co., Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
Yantai Jiahong Technology Co. Ltd. HW ResellerHyperWorksChina
ファラッド株式会社 (FARAD Corporation> HW ResellerHyperWorksJapan

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