HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance

HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance is a CAE cloud solution, bringing software, platform and infrastructure as a service – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – to Altair customers within a single and intuitive portal. It leverages Altair’s patented licensing system, providing access to a selection of the HyperWorks products and a modern, scalable HPC infrastructure through a secure and efficient web-based platform.


The Power of HyperWorks
For more than a decade, Altair’s customers have gained tremendous value from the patented HyperWorks “pay-per-usage” license model: Customers purchase a pool of HyperWorks Units (HWUs) which are used to gain access to the extensive suite of Altair’s software and HyperWorks Partners’ products. The HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance extends the power and flexibility of running Altair products with unlimited licensing on a state of the art, scalable HPC cloud platform, to meet growing simulation demand bursts.

The Power of PBS Works
The HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance platform leverages the market-leading HPC workload manager, PBS Professional, as well as state-of-the-art job submission, monitoring and analytics web portals for efficient resource utilization.

The Power of Now!
HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance can be ideally configured within minutes, to get Altair customers access to software to meet their growing demand. A single pane of glass (SPOG) environment is provided for customers to access all the resources through a simple web-browser, requiring practically zero-IT involvement to get power HPC simulations.

Features & Specifications:

Infrastructure: HyperWorks Unlimted Virtual Appliance is built on the secure, strong and highly available Infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) globally. It is being offered in North America (US, Canada and Mexico through US West and East data centers of AWS), Brazil (Sao Paolo), Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), in EMEA (through Ireland and Frankfurt), India / Korea / Malaysia / Singapore (Singapore data centers of AWS).

Platform: Modern and intuitive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework for:
  • Resource Provisioning
  • Workload Management & Scheduling
  • Security and licensing Framework
  • Enabled Remote Visualization, Notification, Collaboration

Software: HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance currently provides access to the following software solutions:
  • Altair RADIOSS: Complete finite element solver for structural analysis
  • Altair FEKO: Comprehensive suite for Electromagnetic Analysis (EM)
  • Altair AcuSolve: Leading general-purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver
  • Altair OptiStruct: Award-winning design synthesis and structural optimization solver
  • Altair MotionSolve: Comprehensive suite for analysis of Multibody System performance
  • Altair BatchMesher: High-fidelity FE-mesher for large assemblies in one click

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