Available Modules

CAD Import Module: With the CAD Import module, you can create STL data from Iges, Catia V4 and V5, UG, Pro-E and Step files. 3-maticSTL’s interactive CAD import keeps the existing CAD surface structure of your CAD file and lets you create detailed surfaces by taking low-accuracy surfaces and reloading them with a higher resolution, which enables an easy workflow.

Remesh Module: The Remesh module allows you to fully prepare your parts for CAE applications. The surface mesh is optimized through different manual and automatic remesh operations, which control the quality and size of the part’s surface triangulation.

The Remesh module also offers a volume meshing functionality, which lets you create Tet4 and Tet10 volume meshes. These surface meshes and volume meshes can be exported to the native formats of Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® HyperMesh®, Ansys, Abaqus, and Nastran file formats. These formats will include the surface segmentation, volume elements and one dimensional representations of lattice structures.

CAD Link Module: The CAD Link module gives you the possibility to easily bring your file back to CAD. As a combination of the segmentation tools and intelligent automatic splitting, this module offers you the complete solution to convert STL files to Iges or STEP. Included in the conversion is a feature recognition where, for example, planes will be recognized as planes.

Texturing Module: The Texturing Module enables designers to efficiently apply textures, perforations and patterns in STL files for 3D-printed models, starting from a grey value bitmap or 3D object. Textures can be aesthetical or functional. By adding the texture immediately in your 3D model, you avoid secondary processes and can immediately see the texture in 3D.

Lightweight Structures Module: The Lightweight Structures Module opens up a toolbox to design conformal, random, uniform, etc. structures in a fast and efficient way. It also allows to re-design your optimized structures coming from OptiStruct. The resulting structures can again be exported to FEA (OptiStruct and Abaqus).

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Tooling Module: Used for creating molds and conformal cooling channels.

Magics Rp and Build Processors: Software for platform preparation. This software is the interface between any CAD software and any 3D printer. The build processors allow to build in 3D geometry directly into the slice data, e.g. like light weight structures in a graph representation.