Enhance Your Design for Additive Manufacturing with Lattice Structures

Unlike traditional manufacturing, additive manufacturing allows for increased geometric complexity. In order to maximize the added value of additive manufacturing, it's important to create designs that take advantage of this complexity. Using lattice structures to minimize the weight of the parts while maintaining good mechanical properties is one of the advantages. This webinar will introduce these concepts and show practical examples and uses cases using Materialise 3-matic software.


The Future of the Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Lucas Hellemans from Materialise, an APA partner, discusses the future of design optimization for additive manufacturing.

Video Testimonials

The Future of Smart Devices

Pete Darnell, Vice President, Software Development at Altair discusses why embedded development tools must track the ever-increasing complexity and feature set of microcontrollers as well as demands from new markets like the Cloud based “Internet of Things”. He looks at trends in the microcontroller space and discusses how block diagram model-based development tools can be used to abstract these changes to ease firmware development. He also looks at the thing side of IoT and the challenges of power management to extend battery life and what it will take to provide secure over-the-air firmware updates. The recording is about 19 minutes long, and was presented at the 2020 Global Altair Technology conference.

Global ATC 2020

Altair SimSolid - Hydrostatic Pressure Tutorial

Learn how to simulate an hydrostatic pressure in Altair SimSolid.


Materialise 3-matic: Top Use Cases

Top use cases of 3-matic by Materialise.

Use Cases

Materialise ATC Lunch and Learn Presentation

Industry 4.0 Meets Additive Manufacturing


Materialise 3-matic: What’s New in Version 14

3-matic 14 introduces an improved Lattice module (formally known as Lightweights module), making your workflow more efficient thanks to a simplified UI/UX and new features in the Lattice module. Next to this, an enhanced Texturing Module to speed up mass editing of textures and benefit from the Texturing module’s powerful new editing tools, such as handling high numbers of UV regions by using the new generic UV map object in the Texturing and Lattice modules. And last but not least there are new import & export formats such as obj, 3mf, Catia6.


Motorcycle Crankshaft Modeling with SimLab at BMW Motorrad

Learn about the semi-automated motorcycle crankshaft modeling process developed at BMW Motorrad based on Altair's pre- and post-processor SimLab. The scripts developed take the FE model generation time down from 2 weeks of manual work to half a day.

Customer Stories

Case Study: Smart Design, Smart Mobility - KLIO Contributes to South Korea's Smart Mobility

Under the theme of ‘Smart Design, Smart Mobility’, the Seoul Smart Mobility International Conference and Exhibition was the venue where experts and Seoul citizens could discuss and experience the present and the future of South Korea’s smart mobility. KLIO Design participated in the exhibition and presented their Open Mobility Structure Concept, powered by 3D-printed car parts.

Customer Stories

Case Study: The Spider Bracket - A Topology Optimization Project by Altair, Materialise and Renishaw

Materialise worked together with Altair and Renishaw to create an R&D spider bracket. The original design was based on brackets that connect the corners of architectural glass panels, used in atriums and floor-to-ceiling wall glazing.

Customer Stories

Case Study: A 63% Lighter Titanium Aerospace Part with Materialise

GE Aviation 3D printed their famous fuel nozzle in one piece. They are one of the many companies that understand the huge impact 3D printing technology can have on the aerospace industry, not only in terms of supply chain, but also in terms of weight reduction. A lighter airplane means lower fuel costs.

Customer Stories

About Materialise Presentation

PowerPoint presentation outlining what Materialise does and why people use their software.


Topology Optimization Flyer

Flyer introducing topology optimization with Materialise 3-matic.


Materialise 3-matic Lightweight Structures Module

Materialise 3-matic allows you to create 3D printable internal and external structures that add extra strength, provide cushioning, increase porosity, or simply reduce the weight of your design.


Using HyperMesh and Materialise 3-matic

This presentation highlights the workflow of applying the interface between HyperMesh and 3-matic.


Form and Function: Metal 3D Printing of Hybrid Lattice

Altair, Materialise and Renishaw have collaboratively created a prototype of lattice structured spider bracket; a lightweight, functional structure which echoes biological forms found in nature. The synthesis of computational design technology with performance based lattice optimization, automatic surface smoothing and re-design with metal additive layer manufacturing, resulted in the creation of this unconventional, structurally efficient, manufacturable bracket that unleashes designing potential and creativity, freeing creators of common manufacturing constraints across the entire project from conception, product performance to its realization. The printed part shows how true bio-mimicking of 3D patterns reduces stress concentrations and produces a custom tailored design that embeds organic beauty and freedom of design.


adidas Futurecraft: The Ultimate 3D-Printed Personalized Shoe

See how designers and engineers at Materialise worked with adidas to create a unique 3D-printed running shoe midsole which can be tailored to the cushioning needs of an individual’s foot.

Customer Stories

Lightweight Structures Support Scherf Design to Reach New Heights

Scherf Design; an innovative design company, created a 3D printed, metal high heel shoe model that was both highly distinctive and wearable with the help of Materialise 3-matic software.

Customer Stories

Materialise 3-matic Makes Topology Optimization More Attractive

See how 3-matic can transform scanned measurements to CAD files and develop volume meshes for FEM analysis.

Customer Stories

Materialise Slicing Technology Enables Toyota’s Lightweight Car Seat

Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc. wanted to produce a lightweight car seat prototype with a minimal volume and an optimal heat capacity. To assist them in creating the complex design, Toyota contacted Materialise’s engineering team.

Customer Stories

VTT Presents an Organic, Lightweight Hydraulic Valve

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the largest multidisciplinary research organization in Northern Europe, decided to explore the possibilities of 3D Printing to create the ideal hydraulic valve—lighter, with a better fluid flow and with minimal risk of leakage—for their customer Nurmi Cylinders. VTT relied on Materialise software 3-matic to enhance the design optimized with Altair software.

Customer Stories

Optimized Design for 3D Printed Valve Block Sheds Weight, Size and Gains Improved Performance

Not every component or product is suitable for 3D printing, depending on its size, form and design as well as the quantity needed. A valve block is very suitable for 3D printing and has a high potential for improvement in weight, performance, and design freedom when additively manufactured.

Customer Stories

Engineering the Design Process for 3D Printing

3D printing is gripping the engineering community with large mass appeal. With a confluence of many factors like aggressive marketing, advancements in manufacturing processes, willingness and bold initiatives to reduce weight, the adoption phase has clearly crossed the chasm from early adopters to an early majority.

Technical Document

Save your energy with Materialise 3-matic in the after topology optimization process

This webinar focuses on Materialise 3-matic's complimentary position to Altair's topology optimization and illustrates its capabilities on light weight structures design, with a focus on printable design.


Partner Spotlight: Materialise

Lieve Boeykens, Brand Manager at Materialise, discusses Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization software, Materialise 3-matic, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.