Customer Service & Billing | Meter Data | Rate Schedule Optimization

Utility organizations today are facing new business challenges, from smart-grid initiatives and green-energy mandates to regulatory compliance, coupled with the need to maintain tight control on infrastructure assets and high-levels of customer service.

To adapt to the changing landscape and meet these challenges, it is imperative for organizations to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, quickly and efficiently, at very high levels of granularity.

This requires a new approach. Altair's simulation-driven data analytics solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s utilities industry and speed decision-making.

    Solutions for Utilities:

  • Rate Schedule / Slab Optimization
    Automated, Multi-objective Scenario Simulation

  • Meter Data Aggregation / Analytics
    Total / Average / Skip / Mis-reads by Class and Route

  • Service Outage Analysis
    Frequency / Root Cause Identification

  • Capacity Planning
    Trends / Peak Loads / Forecasting

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