Packaged and Custom Software Solutions

HyperWorks Solutions help companies solve complex business and engineering problems at the desktop, team and enterprise levels to dramatically increase productivity and profitability. Altair works closely with our clients to increase organizational efficiency and decision-making by building and tailoring these solutions uniquely to a client's own environment and process.

HyperWorks Packaged Solutions

HyperWorks “Packaged Solution Offerings” (PSOs) are fully-supported software stack solutions that leverage a client’s investment in Altair’s software and licensing model to streamline CAE workflows and solve specialized industry vertical engineering problems. Developed, implemented and supported by Altair’s Enterprise Solutions business team, all PSOs run on HyperWorks Units and are designed to be rapidly deployed and customizable to meet unique client/IT requirements.

Custom Software Solutions

For over 25 years, Altair has collaborated with customers from around the world to develop custom software applications. The unique combination of our broad industry domain knowledge and modern software development expertise has enabled Altair to become a preferred partner to enhance/replace legacy proprietary applications, integrate software applications with client business systems and develop clean-sheet custom software solutions.

Innovative Thinking

Innotvative Thinking

OPEL - Design Productivity through Automation

Altair works with Opel to ensure better product quality through integration of automatic optimization and robustness methods as well as improving overall productivity of its CAE process. Learn More

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