Identifying Model Issues to Accelerate Pre-Processing Activities

Altair's Model Verification Director (MVD) can drastically decrease the meshing process as problems with a CAD model is identified early and can be corrected before the meshing process begins. Current users of the MVD have reported time savings of 90% compared to their traditional process.

The solution identifies part intersections, missing welds and incorrect bolt-nut positions on an entire assembly structure and generates comprehensive reports in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel formats to allow for easy communication of the validation results. With this insight, the design team can correct the CAD model and help streamline the finite element modelling process.

The MVD allows engineering analysts to validate CAD models received from the design teams, automatically identifying potential issues that could slow down the pre-processing stage of the simulation lifecycle.

Solution Highlights:
• Reduce the model validation time by 90%
• Automatically check the model data in batch mode over night
• Automatically identify issues with model before the meshing stage
• Checks for part intersections, spot weld duplications, correct connections and more
• Generates reports of issues in PowerPoint or Excel to provide feedback to design teams

Ideal for Organizations that:
• Routinely design and model products with which contain 50 or more components

Download the Model Verification Director Brochure

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