Practical NVH functionalities that enable engineers to develop better products, faster

HyperWorks has a broad range of noise vibration and harshness (NVH) functionality for NVH engineers, designed to reduce the simulation cycle time, freeing CAE engineers to focus on optimizing product design and performance. NVH Director (NVHD) is the first commercial software solution that makes full-vehicle NVH simulation possible in the most advanced and streamlined form.

Solution Highlights:
• Reduces typical NVH analysis time by 50%
• Assembly environment enables high levels of automation
• Innovative approaches for component reduction – such as CMS SE and FRF
• AMSES eigensolver and FastFR Fast frequency response solution
• Integrated visualization - results served based on physical relationships
• Allows more time for design exploration and optimization

Ideal for Organizations that:
• Perform frequent full-vehicle or large system NVH analyses involving millions of elements, thousands of components, and related properties and connections
• Are interested in shortening analysis cycle and learning curves for product teams
• Need to establish best practices and standardized results across enterprise

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