Optimize the utilization of software licenses across the enterprise

Altair’s “Software Asset Optimization” solutions (SAO) enable visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments and users. Having deep domain expertise in business analytics, software licensing systems and high performance computing, Altair’s SAO solutions are tailored specifically to the unique needs and requirements of each organization.

    Solution Highlights:
  • Rapidly deployed delivering critical business insight in days
  • Alert dashboard and automated notifications
  • On-demand usage statistics and analysis
  • Scalable enterprise analytics solution

    Business Benefits:
  • On-demand access to license inventory/usage/trends
  • Identification of under utilized licenses
  • Rapid reconciliation of software requests vs capacity
  • Quantitative insight to support vendor negotiations
  • Improved software capacity planning and forecasting

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Innovative Thinking

Innotvative Thinking
“For our investment, the value we have already realized is significant. I would say the adoption of an SAO strategy is low-hanging fruit for a majority of businesses to improve their bottom line.” - S. Vishwanathan, GM, R&D, Bajaj Auto

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