Webinar: Engineering in the Cloud

Cost-effective, Robust and Secure Solutions for Cloud-based Simulation

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Adoption of cloud computing has been hampered within the HPC and CAE domains for three primary reasons:
  1. Elastic scalability and mobility of licensing for application software, on large scale computation
  2. Prohibited time associated with the mobility of Big Data from clusters to local machines for effective post-processing and visualization
  3. The perceived concern of data security associated with public clouds
In this webinar, we will address how Altair’s cloud solutions eliminate all of these concerns, allowing engineers and scientists to concentrate on their work rather than how, when, and where their HPC jobs are executed.

Why attend?
HPC is not only reserved for large enterprises with large budgets, but the entire process – from idea generation, to model creation, to knowledge management – can be completely simplified with Altair's enterprise family of cloud solutions. Learn how you can get started today with just a terminal and a web browser.

During this 45-webinar, you will learn:
  • The benefits and capaibilities of Altair's cloud solutions, including:
    • HyperWorks Unlimited, Altair's managed, private cloud solution

    • HyperWorks On-Demand, Altair's public cloud solution
  • How our cloud solutions can massively reduce the management and maintenance of your HPC infrastructure
  • What the term “infinite exploration on the cloud" is defined as and how it impacts your enterprise
  • Also, get your HPC / CAE cloud questions answered by the Altair technical experts.

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