ATCx Cloud Series

Come to Altair's ATCx Cloud "Infinite Design Exploration" event series to see how others in the industry do it - and try it out yourself!

The series will feature customer presentations exploring large design scenarios and their outcomes, pushing the limits of CAE and HPC in making innovative products using Altair’s Cloud Solutions, highlighting the ease of access to HPC in the CAE domain through the cloud medium.

Dates and Locations

December 9, 2014 in Gaydon, UK
February 26, 2015 in Frankfurt Germany

Coming soon: locations in US and Europe!

At ATCx Cloud, Altair will showcase the Altair cloud platform which integrates the entire simulation lifecycle process on the Cloud, enabling engineering teams to instantaneously perform large-scale design of experiments, stochastic studies and numerical optimization. Altair will also introduce HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual, a Cloud service based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other regional partners offering unlimited access to Altair's HyperWorks and PBS Professional software suites.

All attendees will get the unique opportunity to experience the Altair Cloud on their own models during and after the event, using free cloud cycles courtesy of Altair and our sponsors.

  UK, Germany, US

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