2017 GALM - Joining, Forming & Manufacturing Summit

Driving Efficient, High Volume Lightweight Manufacturing for Passenger & Mid-Heavy Vehicles

The applications of Altair HyperWorks solutions bring design optimization, fatigue analysis, casting, and 3D printing together to address the challenges of lightweight design enabling the creation of an innovative design and manufacturing process that enhances performance and efficiency.

As part of the HyperWorks suite, solidThinking Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components in order to avoid typical casting defects such as, air entrapment, porosity, and cold shots.
Complimentary to Click2Cast, solidThinking Inspire is a complimentary design tool, enabling design engineers, product designers and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily, reducing costs, development time, material consumption and product weight.

About GALM
The conference will bring along the latest case studies to shed light and scrutinize the practical application of the latest manufacturing technologies for joining, forming and quality assurance applicable to a wide spectrum of materials. Looking at the most suitable manufacturing processes for diverse strength aluminum, steel, magnesium and composites. No similar conference will provide the same depth of knowledge and level of details to aid the cost effective and process efficient adoption of new technologies.

Presenting at GALM Joining & Forming Conference
"Optimizing Process and Parts for Weight Saving and Manufacturability"
Dr. Subir Roy, Senior Technical Director Manufacturing Solutions, Altair

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  Detroit, MI

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