Hyperworks X: Design Space Management
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Top Use Case Lambda
Design and characterization of refractive secondary optical elements for a point-focus Fresnel lens-based high CPV system

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Super high rise buildings, complex structures, innovative façade, panelization: today all those challenges can take advantage of our solutions. Architects are experimenting with new shapes and new materials, while the engineers are continuously experimenting with ways to build the complex shapes created by the creativity of the architects.

Software Interoperability
Structural engineers cannot afford to spend long amounts of time in the model building process. HyperWorks process automation can increase design efficiency by factors of 5 to 20 times compared to traditional methods.

Fast and Easy Meshing to FEA
Through our easy to use and fast meshing environment, clients can benefit of a dramatic design time reduction, cutting 50% of the time necessary to generate structural FEA and CFD-ready models from 3D or 2D CAD data.

Structural form-finding and multidisciplinary optimization
Find the load path of your free-form structures adopting HyperWorks’ Inspire as conceptual design tool. Apply a unique form-finding technique defining an innovative light-weight language by using OptiStruct topology optimization since the beginning of the design process.

Featured Clients

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP
Creactive Design
Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark

Innovative Thinking

Arup Uses the Latest Simulation Technologies for Architectural Design
Arup has determined the anticipated conditions throughout the interior of a complex architectural space through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. View Video

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