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Life Sciences and Biomedical

The global Life Sciences industry is experiencing dramatic growth, as humans are living longer and demanding an unprecedented range of health services. To stay competitive, pharmaceutical and biomedical suppliers must deliver higher-quality products faster while adhering to regulatory standards and keeping costs in check. By providing innovative design and simulation software, plus the middleware required to power computing systems and manage big data, Altair is helping Life Sciences companies deliver life-changing new products.

Innovative Design Solutions
Altair’s HyperWorks® suite of comprehensive CAE tools enable companies to rapidly create innovative and high-performing product designs. Users can develop an initial geometry using HyperMesh, then apply loading and others stresses using RADIOSS and OptiStruct to optimize design, and finally use HyperStudy to refine shape and size and achieve the desired device performance and material distribution. High Fidelity Modeling and Analysis HyperWorks provides a comprehensive suite of tools to address complex non-linear phenomena. Users can develop models for physical-biological processes using HyperMesh and Altair’s CFD partner applications. Meanwhile, products like RADIOSS enable fluid-structure simulation to analyze aortic valve stenosis, and AcuSolve leads the field in analyzing non-Newtonian flows for predicting the real physics of circulation.

Streamlined Scientific Computing
Bioinformatics and computational chemistry applications demand massive computing resources over long periods of time, and the scientists using these tools need middleware that makes their jobs easier. With PBS Professional, technical computing resources stay fully utilized to deliver results faster, while Compute Manager provides an easy-to-use job submission portal for streamlined workflow.

Featured Clients

Scripps Research Institute
Toulouse Genopole
University of Michigan
Weizmann Institute
WJH Engineering

Innovative Thinking

3D Printing for Medical Implants

University of Michigan professor leverages 3D printing and CAE technology for emergency tracheal splint
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