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James Scapa, Altair's quiet risk taker

By Brent Snavely Detroit Free Press Business Writer

James Scapa, who founded Altair Engineering 29 years ago, said he is still just as energized about creating new software and new industrial designs today as he was when he founded the firm in the 1980s.

“We are risk-takers,” Scapa said of Altair Engineering. “I like to try new things. We do a lot of projects that I think a lot of other companies that are maybe very driven by the accountants would not do.”

Scapa, 57, founded the company in 1985 as an engineering consulting firm.

Clad in black Nikes, jeans and a gray sweater, Scapa works to set a tone of collaboration and experimentation at Altair.

“I hope I don’t take myself too seriously,” said Scapa, Altair’s chairman and CEO.

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Jennifer Korail

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