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Altair’s channel partners consist of a global network of service and technology companies who resell our technologies to a wide variety of verticals.


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Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia Weiss Simulation Enterprise
AR, BZ, BO, CO, EC, SV, GT, HN, MX, NI, PA, PY, PE, DO, UY, VZ, TT AT Group Engineering
Australia Aquion Pty Ltd HPC & Cloud
Australia Aussiepro Solutions Data Analytics
Australia Centelon Data Analytics
Australia Houston Engineering Engineering
Australia, New Zealand Bremar Automotion Australia Pty Ltd Engineering
Austria CAE Simulation Solutions Engineering
Belgium EliteSoft Thea Render
Brazil ELECTROMAG Enterprise
Brazil Ideia Projeto Engineering
Brazil MAGCAD Enterprise
Brazil MAGIS Tecnologia 3D Enterprise
Brazil Missler Software Brasil Ltda Engineering
Brazil UNIONE BLUE Data Analytics
Brazil VIBRACON Enterprise
Brazil XCAE Enterprise
Bulgaria B2N Data Analytics; Engineering
Bulgaria Gosvik Enterprise
Bulgaria SpaceCAD Ltd Enterprise
BZ, CR, SV, GT, HO, NI, PA, DO Danta Analytics Data Analytics
Canada Futurescape Design and Manufacturing
Chile Cognidata Data Analytics
Chile Integral Mining Engineering
Chile Talentum Digital Design and Manufacturing
Chile, Peru CEMAN Engineering Enterprise
China Beijing Digital Insight Information Technology Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Beijing GoSure Technology Co., Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Beijing Jiuluo Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Beijing JYS Science & Technology Co.Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Beijing UNINSIM Tech Co. Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Chongqing HuiQiAn Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Digital China(China) Limited Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Global Engineering Technology Group Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Guangzhou Thinks Information Technology CO., LTD Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Guangzhou Xiangyan Technology Co., Ltd Design and Manufacturing
China Hangzhou CareU Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Hangzhou Prefix Network Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China HIRISOFT(Dalian)Co.,LTD. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Huarong Printing (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China MVT Group Inc. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Nanjing Intelligent United Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Nanjing Kai’An Software Co. Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shanghai QiaoTai Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shanghai HEPU Information Technology Co., Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shanghai Qianrui Automotive Enigeering Technology Co.,Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shanghai Ruizhu Technologies Co., Ltd. Design and Manufacturing
China Shanghai Ryen Information Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shanghai Wellture Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shenzhen DEM Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Shenzhen Finite Element Technology Co.,Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China SimCAE Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China TERRABYTE (SHANGHAI) Co.,Ltd Engineering
China Tianjin SRID Technology Co., Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Wisay Information technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Wisdplat Automovtive Technology Limited Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Wuhan RuiFeng TuoDa Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China XiAn BAIYOU Intelligent Tech. Co., Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
China Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd Design and Manufacturing
China Yantai Jiahong Technology Co. Ltd. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Colombia AkountGo Data Analytics
Colombia Corparacion Eco-Gestionar Engineering
Costa Rica Coasin Enterprise
Czech Republic, Slovakia Advanced Engineering Enterprise; Thea Render
Denmark CaeTek ApS Enterprise
Denmark Uniqcus Data Analytics
Dominican Republic Technet Data Analytics
Ecuador COINAV S.A. Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania CaeTek Oy Enterprise
France ADEBEO Thea Render
France Décision Network Data Analytics
France NovaCad Engineering
France Sextant Consulting Data Analytics
France, Spain ACFYD Data Analytics
Germany Boeke-IE Design and Manufacturing
Germany DTE Verfahrenstechnik GmbH&Co. KG Design and Manufacturing
Germany Endego Enterprise
Germany EnginSoft Engineering
Germany INNEO Solutions GmbH Design and Manufacturing
Germany ISPT Design and Manufacturing
Germany PART ENGINEERING Design and Manufacturing
Germany Tecnotron Engineering
Germany Vision4D Thea Render
Germany, United Kingdom Amdosoft Data Analytics
Greece, Cyprus Prosomoiono Enterprise
Hong Kong CivilConnect Ltd. Enterprise
Hungary Kontron Enterprise
Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia Digital Media Thea Render
Hungary, Poland, Slovakia Progrupa Thea Render
India ACER India HPC & Cloud
India Axiomatic Solutions Engineering
India Binary Semantics Data Analytics
India Caezen Technologies Enterprise
India CCPL, Kolkata HPC & Cloud
India Concept information Technology Pvt.Ltd HPC & Cloud
India DELL India HPC & Cloud
India DELL Middle East HPC & Cloud
India DesignTech Systems Ltd Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
India Embedded Systems Solutions Private Limited Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
India Epoch Research Data Analytics
India Excel Design Technologies Design and Manufacturing
India Lenovo India HPC & Cloud
India Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited HPC & Cloud
India Micropoint Limited HPC & Cloud
India NX Technosys Pvt Ltd Engineering
India Rabita Data Analytics
India Redington India HPC & Cloud
India Templegate Data Analytics
India Trident InfoSolutions Enterprise
India Wipro Infotech HPC & Cloud
India, GCC dataCogence Data Analytics
India, GCC, ASEAN, AEC Ram Caddsys Engineering
India, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman ImageGrafix Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
India: AEC Vertical Neilsoft Pvt. Ltd Data Analytics
India: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Mohan Business Link Engineering
India: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Triyas Tech Solutions Engineering
India: Delhi, NCR, North India Subham Infotech Engineering
India: Karnataka RPM Manufacturing Solutions Engineering
India: Karnataka, Kerala Think Cogent Data Analytics; Engineering; HPC & Cloud
India: Maharashtra AR Technology Engineering
India: Maharashtra Finite to Infinite Engineering
India: Maharashtra Ranal Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd Design and Manufacturing
India: Maharashtra TECCAM INFOSOLUTIONS LLP Engineering
India: Mumbai AnsyCad Solutions Engineering
India: TamilNadu APA Engineering Engineering
India: TamilNadu CAE Centre Engineering
Indonesia PT Aruna Karya Teknologi Nusantara Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Indonesia PT Wisma Teknik Lestari Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Indonesia PT. Paralogix Ciptareka Wyasatama Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Italy Advanced Engineering Solutions srl Enterprise
Italy Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche s.r.l Enterprise
Italy Weisoft Design and Manufacturing; Thea Render
Italy: Northern region DMagis Enterprise
Japan DTS Data Analytics
Japan HPCシステムズ株式会社 (HPC Systems Inc.) HPC & Cloud
Japan HPCテクノロジーズ株式会社(HPC Technologies CO.,Ltd.) HPC & Cloud
Japan Mywayプラス株式会社(Myway Plus Corporation) Engineering
Japan Pacific Teck Japan合同会社 HPC & Cloud
Japan SCSK株式会社(SCSK Corporation) Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Japan XLsoft corporation Data Analytics
Japan ビジュアルテクノロジー株式会社(VISUAL TECHNOLOGY, INC. ) HPC & Cloud
Japan ファラッド株式会社(FARAD Corporation) Engineering
Japan 富士通株式会社(FUJITSU LIMITED) Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Japan 日本コムシス株式会社(Nippon COMSYS Corporation) HPC & Cloud
Japan 日本ヒューレット・パッカード株式会社(Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. ) HPC & Cloud
Japan 日本電気株式会社(NEC Corporation) HPC & Cloud
Japan 株式会社 HPCソリューションズ(HPC Solutions) HPC & Cloud
Japan 株式会社アルゴグラフィックス(ARGO GRAPHICS Inc.) Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Japan 株式会社エス・ワイ・シー(SYC Corporation) HPC & Cloud
Japan 株式会社ケイズデザインラボ(K’s DESIGN LAB, Inc.) Data Analytics; Design and Manufacturing
Japan 株式会社テラバイト(Terrabyte Co., Ltd.) Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Japan 株式会社計算科学(Computational Science K.K) HPC & Cloud
Kazakhstan NanoTechProm Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Korea Askanet HPC & Cloud
Korea C2ES Korea Enterprise
Korea Jaewoo Tech Enterprise
Korea Korea Scoring Co Data Analytics
Korea Optis Enterprise
Korea Pine Tree Partners Co Data Analytics
Korea Primary System Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Korea Trinity Engineering Enterprise
Korea WAI Korea Data Analytics
Malaysia AlphaSim Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Malaysia Bymetrix Data Analytics; Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Malaysia Comrel Engineering
Malaysia Digital Quest Asia Thea Render
Malaysia Fuji Xerox Data Analytics
Malaysia ORS Technologies Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Malaysia Serial Data Data Analytics
Malaysia Strateq Group Data Analytics
Mexico 3D SEM SA de CV Engineering
Mexico DSI Engineering
Mexico DSPPROJECTS SA DE CV Engineering
Mexico Inytialgo Design and Manufacturing
Mexico Kaussim Enterprise
Mexico PQM Solutions Engineering
Mexico Si-EMC Engineering
Mexico Tecnologías Computarizadas Para Manufactura SA de CV Design and Manufacturing
Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina SGP Enterprise
Norway, Sweden Alfasoft Enterprise
Peru Boltein eirl Engineering
Philippines ADParametrik, Inc. Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Phillipines MDI Data Analytics
Poland BPX Data Analytics
Poland Endego sp. z.o.o. Enterprise
Portugal Althima Engineering
Romania, Moldavia SIMART 3D Data Analytics; Engineering
Russia ELM Engineering
Russia Orcada Engineering
Russia Sarov Engineering Center Engineering
Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan CompMechLab Engineering
Saudi Arabia Compusoft ME Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman KITES Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Singapore Bymetrix Pte. Ltd Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Singapore Designtech System Pte Ltd Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Singapore Dhata Tech Data Analytics
Singapore i-VTECH Solutions Pte Ltd Data Analytics; Engineering; HPC & Cloud
Singapore NTT Data Data Analytics
Slovakia IPM Solutions Design and Manufacturing
South Africa Simutron Enterprise
South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe Matogen AI Data Analytics
South Africa, Global: Network planning with Wrap/Winprop GEW Technologies | Hensoldt Engineering
Spain Inytialgo Engineering
Sweden NANCO Industrial Design
Sweden Ronator Enterprise
Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark Symetri Nordic Enterprise
Switzerland Flow Numerics Engineering
Switzerland Keinavo Data Analytics
Switzerland, Germany ELiNTER AG Engineering
Taiwan AgileSim Technology Corp. Enterprise
Taiwan Grand Technology Inc HPC & Cloud
Taiwan Richin Technology Inc Enterprise
Taiwan SIMentor Corporation Enterprise
Thailand BNL Solutions Engineering
Thailand Cad Cast Co., Ltd Enterprise
Thailand ClusterKit HPC & Cloud
Thailand DTS (Design Through Simulation) Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Thailand ISID South East Asia Co., Ltd Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Thailand KGSIL Data Analytics
Thailand SoftPrint Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Turkey ST Engineering Enterprise
UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar Atlab ME Enterprise; HPC & Cloud
Ukraine PJSC Arcada Enterprise
United Kingdom CAD Software Direct Thea Render
United Kingdom Man & Machine Thea Render
United Kingdom Origin Engineering Solutions Design and Manufacturing
United Kingdom Scan Computers Ltd Thea Render
United Kingdom SEEIT3D Thea Render
United Kingdom Symetri UK Design and Manufacturing
United Kingdom, Ireland Alfasoft Limited Design and Manufacturing
United Kingdom, Ireland QBS Distribution Data Analytics
United States EnginSoft USA LLC Design and Manufacturing
United States Insight Data Analytics
United States LiquidPC Data Analytics
United States Novedge LLC Thea Render
United States Oasis sales Engineering
United States PC Connection Data Analytics
United States SHI Data Analytics
United States TrueInsight Enterprise
United States Zones Data Analytics
United States, Canada Enero Solutions Design and Manufacturing
United States: FL Quantum Leap Associates Design and Manufacturing
United States: OH, IN, KY, MI, IL, WI Staffco-Campisano Engineering
Vietnam PCB GraphTech Vietnam Co., LTD Engineering
Vietnam Thinksmart Design and Manufacturing
Vietnam UpViet Engineering