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Altair’s mature partner ecosystem is the foundation of our open-systems philosophy to maximize the performance, interoperability and reliability of our products in any environment.

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RegionPartnerType Partner Products
Australia Aquion Pty Ltd Channel PBS
Ecuador COINAV S.A. Channel HyperWorks, SmartWorks, PBS
EMEA Do It Systems Channel, Implementation PBS
EMEA Orange Cloud Cloud PBS
EMEA T-Systems Cloud PBS
EMEA VAR Group Channel PBS
France Serviware Channel, Implementation PBS
Global ABAQUS (Simulia) Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global Accelrys Integration PBS
Global AKFH Channel, Integration, Implementation PBS
Global Altos Computing Technology PBS
Global AMD Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global Ansys Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global Ansys - Fluent Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global Arm Technology PBS
Global ASPEED Technology PBS
Global Atos Channel, Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global AWS Cloud PBS
Global Bright Computing Channel, Implementation PBS
Global CacheSoftware Integration PBS
Global CCDC Integration PBS
Global Cisco Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global Colfax Channel, Integration PBS
Global Computer Modeling Group Ltd. (CMG) Integration, Implementation PBS
global Emerson Integration, Implementation PBS
Global ESI Group Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global Fujitsu Technology Solutions Channel PBS
Global Google Cloud Cloud PBS
Global Hewlett Packard Enterprise Channel, Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global Huawei Technology, Cloud HyperWorks, PBS
Global IBM Channel, Technology HyperWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
Global INTEL Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global LSTC Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global Marvell Technology PBS
Global Mathworks Integration PBS
Global Microsoft Technology, Cloud HyperWorks, PBS
Global Novell Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global Open IT Integration PBS
Global Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud PBS
Global Panasas Technology PBS
Global Paradigm Integration, Implementation PBS
global Petroleum Experts (Petex) Integration, Implementation PBS
Global Phoenix Integration Integration, Implementation PBS
Global Quadrics Technology PBS
Global Red Hat Technology HyperWorks, PBS
Global Rock Flow Dynamics Integration, Implementation PBS
Global Schlaumberger Integration PBS
Global Scitegic Integration PBS
Global Siemens Integration HyperWorks, PBS, Product Design
Global StarCD Integration HyperWorks, PBS
Global SUSE Channel, Technology PBS
Global Transvalor Channel PBS
Global Verifyter Technology PBS
Global Wolfram Research Integration PBS
India ACER India Channel PBS
India CCPL, Kolkata Channel PBS
India Concept information Technology Pvt.Ltd Channel PBS
India DELL India Channel PBS
India DELL Middle East Channel PBS
India Lenovo India Channel PBS
India Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited Channel PBS
India Micropoint Limited Channel PBS
India Redington India Channel PBS
India Wipro Infotech Channel PBS
Indonesia PT Wisma Teknik Lestari Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Japan HPCシステムズ株式会社 (HPC Systems Inc.) Channel PBS
Japan SCSK株式会社(SCSK Corporation) Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Japan ダイキン工業株式会社(Daikin Industries, Ltd.) Channel PBS
Japan ビジュアルテクノロジー株式会社(VISUAL TECHNOLOGY, INC. ) Channel PBS
Japan 富士通株式会社(FUJITSU LIMITED) Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Japan 日本ヒューレット・パッカード株式会社(Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. ) Channel PBS
Japan 日本電気株式会社(NEC Corporation) Channel PBS
Japan 株式会社 HPCソリューションズ(HPC Solutions) Channel PBS
Japan 株式会社アルゴグラフィックス(ARGO GRAPHICS Inc.) Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Japan 株式会社エス・ワイ・シー(SYC Corporation) Channel PBS
Japan 株式会社テラバイト(Terrabyte Co., Ltd.) Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Japan 株式会社計算科学(Computational Science K.K) Channel PBS
Kazakhstan NanoTechProm Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Korea Askanet Channel, Implementation PBS
Korea Leet Channel, Implementation PBS
Korea LG N-sys Integration PBS
Malaysia ORS Technologies Channel HyperWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
Philippines ADParametrik, Inc. Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Saudi Arabia Compusoft ME Channel HyperWorks, SmartWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman KITES Channel HyperWorks, SmartWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
Taiwan ARAVision Incorporated Channel, Implementation PBS
Taiwan Infowrap Tech. Inc. Channel PBS
Thailand ClusterKit Channel PBS
Thailand DTS (Design Through Simulation) Channel HyperWorks, PBS
Thailand SoftPrint Channel HyperWorks, PBS
UAE Bright Skies Channel PBS
UAE Huawei Channel PBS
UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kindgdom of Saudi Arab, Oman, Qatar Atlab ME Channel HyperWorks, SmartWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman ImageGrafix Channel HyperWorks, SmartWorks, PBS, Knowledge Works
United Kingdom OCSL Implementation PBS
United States Alliance Technologies Channel, Implementation PBS
United States CB Tech Channel PBS
United States Eicher Channel, Implementation PBS
United States Nortech Channel PBS
United States Penguin Computing Channel, Technology HyperWorks, PBS
United States: TX MIRATEK Channel SmartWorks, PBS
USA Flow Science Integration PBS
Vietnam TECAPRO Integration PBS
Vietnam UpViet Channel HyperWorks, PBS