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Iowa State University - Cyclone Racing
Iowa State University - Cyclone Racing Cyclone Racing used solidThinking Inspire's simulation tools to decrease the mass of its FSAE vehicle by generatin... View More
IAI and SpaceIL
IAI and SpaceIL IAI and SpaceIL utilized a combination of Inspire's optimization tools and Evolve's PolyNURBS tools to design a 3D... View More
MIT, Pune
MIT, Pune A team of students at MIT, Pune utilized Inspire to optimize and create two new 3D printed, lightweight drone desi... View More
U-Shin Ltd.
U-Shin Ltd. U-Shin is currently employing Click2Cast to perform testing and optimization to create sound, redesigned automotiv... View More
Ryerson’s International Hyperloop Team
Ryerson’s International Hyperloop Team Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team utilized solidThinking Inspire and metal additive manufacturing to redesign... View More
Ankers Ankers performed Co-simulation using a combined multibody and brake systems model in Altair MotionView and solidTh... View More
PaceControls PaceControls developed its 3rd generation Android-based HVACR Equipment control using solidThinking Embed adding I... View More
Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc.
Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc. Woodland/Alloy Casting is simulating and testing aluminum casting projects in Click2Cast. By running simulations i... View More
Faraone Faraone accelerates the design approach for lighter and stiffer architectural components with premium technology f... View More
APEL Extrusions
APEL Extrusions APEL Extrusions employs solidThinking Click2Extrude for testing die extrusion performance. Click2Extrude allows AP... View More
Philips Philips uses Evolve to quickly and easily visualize new product concepts with the goal of working hand-in-hand wit... View More
LEIBER Group LEIBER utilized Inspire to design and optimize a vehicle suspension beam, resulting in over 50% mass savings. View More
Alstom Alstom utilized solidThinking Inspire to optimize an existing component design to be manufactured with casting or ... View More
Triton Bikes
Triton Bikes Triton Bikes utilized solidThinking Inspire to Increase performance, decrease the overall weight, and simplify man... View More
Sintavia Sintavia utilized solidThinking Inspire to prove the ability to additively manufacture optimized aerospace replace... View More
Gator Motorsports
Gator Motorsports Gator Motorsports utilized solidThinking Inspire to redesign its brake pedal, as well as suspension bell cranks. T... View More
Politecnico di Milano University
Politecnico di Milano University The Politecnico di Milano University used Inspire to quickly and easily find the ideal shapes and materials for th... View More
Technische Universität Dresden
Technische Universität Dresden The team at Technische Universität Dresden used solidThinking Inspire to redesign a Formula Student steering colum... View More
AMETEK AMETEK used solidThinking Embed to development of an embedded control system for a chiller unit under a very tight... View More
Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments Using solidThinking Embed, Texas Instruments was able to develop an embedded simulation of an entire system. View More
3D Systems
3D Systems 3D Systems utilized a process incorporating solidThinking Inspire to generate the ideal skateboard deck and truck ... View More
Steve McGugan Industrial Design
Steve McGugan Industrial Design Award winning industrial designer Steve McGugan uses Evolve to design and model a range of unique products. View More
Scania Scania uses Inspire to speed up its design and development process to produce lighter and more efficient components. View More
AAM AAM employed Inspire to redesign an automotive carrier with less weight (20%) and material usage than the original. View More
Dimensions Furniture
Dimensions Furniture Dimensions Furniture uses Evolve to design and render its furniture products for presentation to buyers and handof... View More
Shanghai Arts and Crafts Factory
Shanghai Arts and Crafts Factory The Shanghai Arts and Crafts Factory utilized a process incorporating solidThinking Evolve to generate ideal desig... View More
Studio-X Studio-X utilized Inspire's structural generation to ensure Structural Stability and Design for an award winning p... View More
Empire/Renishaw Renishaw and Empire Cycles used solidThinking Inspire's concept generation to help design the seat post for the wo... View More
HardMarque HardMarque used both solidThinking Inspire and Evolve for concept generation and design refinement for an additive... View More
Race Face
Race Face Race Face utilized Inspire to design and manufacture a bicycle crank with increased stiffness and strength targets... View More
Peter Macapia, LabDORA
Peter Macapia, LabDORA Architect Peter Macapia is exploring new frontiers in architectural design; a different way of looking at the desi... View More
Sundog Eyewear
Sundog Eyewear Sundog uses solidThinking Evolve to explore styling alternatives, visualize new products with realistic renderings... View More
Evenflo Juvenile Products
Evenflo Juvenile Products Inspire has shown value to Evenflo as a tool for “sustaining engineering” where fast turnaround for functional imp... View More
Ron Mendell
Ron Mendell Ron Mendell is one of the most talented concept artists serving the motion picture industry. View More
TokyoFlash TokyoFlash is a world leader in the design and sales of unique watches. They use Evolve to speed product developm... View More
Pininfarina Extra
Pininfarina Extra Innovation, Essentiality, and Elegance are the three values of Pininfarina Extra. See how solidThinking products h... View More
Automotive Lighting
Automotive Lighting Automotive Lighting has used solidThinking products since 2001 for ideation, development, and visualization. View More
Novellini Group
Novellini Group The Novellini Group is a pacesetter in Europe in the manufacture of bathroom solutions and wellness products. View More
Bros Manifatture
Bros Manifatture Bros Manifatture is a "superbrand" in the world of fashion jewelry and watches with over 200 new products each yea... View More
XOX Audio Tools
XOX Audio Tools XOX Audio Tools utilizes high design and advanced technologies to create cutting-edge musical instruments. View More
Korg Korg is one of the most widely used and respected names in professional music worldwide. View More
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