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Altair Panopticon Datasheet

The Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform gives business users and engineers the tools they need to build and deploy their own real-time data monitoring and analysis applications without writing a single line of code. Panopticon Visual Analytic...


Altair Monarch for Credit Unions

In the first year of adopting the Monarch platform, one client reported an ROI of $15 million and a time savings of over 30,000 hours using a variety of the credit union use cases detailed below. Automate Repetitive Data Access & Data Preparation ...


Arbor Financial Increases Efficiency with Accurate Reporting

Without Monarch, Arbor Financial would not have been able to consolidate large reports from core vendors that used many data sets into one database. Arbor Financial can now utilize accurate and efficient data reporting that impacts the organizatio...

Customer Stories

Whitnell & Co. Cuts Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes with Altair® Monarch®

Monarch has saved Whitnell & Co. hours of time preparing monthly reconciliations and doing side-by-side comparisons, eliminating potential human error. Cutting Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes.

Customer Stories

Professional Services Datasheet

Altair Professional Services offer affordable, high-return options for our customers who are striving to foster better data intelligence throughout the enterprise. The Altair Professional Services team is fully staffed with experienced data scient...


Altair Knowledge Works Product Offerings Datasheet

Knowledge Works supports deep data analysis that leads to quick results. Fast, agile analytics allows people across the entire organization to wrangle and with data and then share their findings, enabling everyone to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Insight derived from clean, consis


Altair Knowledge Hub Datasheet

Knowledge Hub is a browser-based platform offering team-driven data preparation and a centralized data marketplace to speed collaboration and drive governance across the enterprise.


The Evolution of Altair Monarch

Monarch was the go-to data extraction tool for pulling information out of main frames and print spools. Then, Monarch Complete evolved into the world’s most-used self-service data preparation solution offering analysts the easiest way to access, c...


Altair Monarch Datasheet

Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source — including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns.


Altair Knowledge Works Full Platform Brochure

Knowledge Works data intelligence solutions allow individuals and organizations to incorporate more data, unite more minds with agility, and engender more trust in analytics and data science. The platform enables users to quickly and accurately ca...


Modell’s Ups its Game with Self-service Data Prep

Modell's Sporting Goods is America's oldest, family-owned and operated retailer of sporting goods. Modell's had no efficient way to extract and combine different data sources to provide important retail business insights in a timely manner until t...

Customer Stories

Altair Knowledge Studio Datasheet

Knowledge Studio is an open, flexible predictive analytics and machine learning platform designed for data scientists and business analysts alike.


Altair Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark

Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark is unique because it allows users scale up, scale-wide and scale-down. It not only leverage’s Apache Spark’s ability to operate on datasets with very large numbers of records, it is also capable of generating impr...


Altair Knowledge Hub for Data Scientists

The tight integration between Knowledge Studio and Knowledge Hub streamlines data preparation to be used in the production and enterprise-wide adoption of valuable, predictive models. Governance and lineage protocols are followed. Data science gr...


Altair Knowledge Studio for Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning

Altair predictive analytics and machine learning platform helps manufacturers perform preventative or corrective actions using insight found in data generated directly from their equipment. Data science teams can deliver optimized maintenance rout...


Altair Knowledge Studio Python Integration

The Python Code Node allows a user to bring data from a Python routine into Knowledge Studio for further modeling. Users can also use this node to natively code a Python script. All data manipulation functions and data mining algorithms available ...


Leading Automotive Parts Supplier Reduces Costs, Increases Accuracy with Greater Efficiency in its Reporting using Altair® Monarch®

Leading Automotive Parts Supplier Reduces Costs, Increases Accuracy with Greater Efficiency in its Reporting using Altair Monarch

Customer Stories

Transforming Design & Decision Making by Applying Simulation Throughout Product Lifecycles

Seen here presenting at the UK Altair Technology Conference 2019, James R. Scapa brings more than 35 years of engineering experience to his dual role of Chairman and CEO of Altair Engineering, Inc., a title he has held since the company’s inceptio...

ATC Presentations

Altair Knowledge Studio Strategy Trees

Decision Trees from Knowledge Studio provides the ability to segment, profile, identify and apply business treatments to the variables used in the modelling.


Altair Knowledge Studio Decision Trees

Predictive Analytics is commonly defined as leveraging technology that learns from data analysis to predict the future behavior of people or processes to drive better decision making. To effectively deploy large scale operations that involve multi...


Using Scorecards to Minimize Risk and Increase Revenue Opportunities

Scorecards are used by credit lenders to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers, and by marketers to better understand consumer interest in product or service offerings. To help make decisions about an applicant, data from 3rd-party providers...

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