Altair Allocator™

Multi-Site License Allocation & Management

Altair for HPC and Cloud Applications

In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads.


Altair HyperWorks Brochure

Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products.


Altair Allocator Datasheet

Make the most of your software licenses with Altair Allocator™. With Allocator, you can share licenses among multiple job scheduling servers spread across multiple sites and business units – boosting your license utilization efficiency.


Altair Allocator Demo

Altair Allocator enables the sharing of software licenses among multiple job scheduling servers spread across multiple geographical sites and/or business units, leading to increased efficiency in license utilization. Allocator achieves maximized license utilization by following the fundamental rules of “following the demand,” “gradual license migration,” and “license sharing according to policies.”

Tutorials, Videos

Sharing Software Licenses Across Multiple Sites and the Cloud with Allocator and Monitor

View this product demo video featuring software license management tools Altair Monitor and Altair Allocator to learn more about the software.