Discover Altair CFD: Multiple CFD solutions under a single license

This webinar introduces Altair CFD and reveals how it can help organizations reduce software expense and deliver accurate results faster by providing all the major CFD technologies under a single license.

Whether you’re looking to optimize gearbox oiling, analyze tank sloshing, perform aerodynamics studies, or reduce cooling fan noise, Altair CFD provides the technology you need, as you need it – utilizing state-of-the art GPU calculations to reduce modeling turnaround times.

This webinar covers:
• The different CFD methods available with Altair CFD
• The range of fluids problems that can be solved with Altair CFD, including some unique applications and customer examples
• How Altair’s unique licensing system enables companies to reduce software expenditure
• How Altair’s flexible approach to Cloud and HPC helps deliver results faster
• What is next for Altair CFD?

James R. Scapa, Founder and CEO
Mahender Reddy, SVP CFD & Manufacturing
Uwe Schramm, CTO

Duration: 35 minutes


The Keys to Scalable, Cost-Effective CFD Investment

Fluid mechanics simulation is a critical tool for late-stage failure risk mitigation, as well as a driver of design insights throughout the product development process. Used across all levels of product design and validation, from design engineers seeking to understand fluid and thermal effects on a design proposal to analysts performing advanced aerodynamic modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) serves a broad array of applications and a range of users with varied levels of expertise. The sometimes complex and computationally intensive nature of CFD necessitates careful consideration of the software and hardware investments required to produce accurate solutions and scale them at the speed of a company’s development process.

Technical Papers

Reducing Risk of Failure of noise compliance with direct fan noise simulation

This presentation shows how advanced simulation technology can provide a cost effective way to minimizing the risk breaching noise regulations. Often the issue is only found out in a prototype testing scenario, bench test results can give misleading information as acoustic character of a rotating component will change in an installed condition. Altair CFD brings a solution to the market for installed fan acoustics by directly calculating the convective field, this virtual method can significantly reduce risk of failure leading to development cost savings and mitigation of timeline overshoot.

Presented at the ATCx Heavy Equipment in May 2021.

Speaker: Andy Fine, Vice President CFD Solutions, EMEA, Altair

Duration: 15 minutes


Battery Part 1: Developing Predictive Electro Thermal Cell Models for Pack Level Deployment

Martin Kemp, Regional Manager at Altair, Dr. Denis Cumming, a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sheffield, John Milios, CEO at Sendyne, Dr. Gregory Offer, Reader at Imperial College London and finally Professor Jun Xu, Director of Vehicle Energy & Safety Laboratory at The University of North Carolina, present - Developing Predictive Electro Thermal Cell Models for Pack Level Deployment. This presentation will focus on the simulation of the battery cell to represent its complex thermal and mechanical behaviour. The thermal behaviour requires the simulation of the electric behaviour within the cell which leads to the generation of heat. Managing the thermal behaviour is fundamental to the long term health of the battery. The talk provides an overview of the technologies used to simulate battery behaviour, commencing with the understanding of the battery structure including the simulation of electrode manufacture. Both electrochemical and equivalent circuit models will be discussed with the advantages and disadvantages of both methods presented. Finally, machine learning technology is used to create an intelligent cell model which retains accuracy whilst delivering computational efficiency which can be used in Part 2.


Record on Vehicle Drag Coefficient - GAC Realizes Low Drag Design with Altair and NVIDIA

GAC engineers used Altair CFD’s Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) solver to perform hundreds of transient simulations on design changes with high-accuracy using NVIDIA’s Tesla-V100 GPUs to increase computing efficiency. Results include achieving one of the highest aerodynamic efficient vehicle designs in its class on the GAC GS4 coupe, and on the concept GAC ENO.146, while at the same time realizing model preparation time savings of 60% and simulation cost savings of 70%.

Customer Stories

Altair for Fluids and Thermal Applications

From detailed component analysis to full systems performance, Altair provides a range of scalable solvers and robust pre- and post-processing software for CFD.


How to Consider Water Wading and Water Management in Your Design

Altair CFD’s smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver is ideal for studying high-deformation free surface flows.

Use Cases

Optimize Gearbox Oiling to Improving Efficiency and Reliability

Altair CFD’s smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver realistically simulates oil flow within various drivetrain components in automotive, aerospace and heavy industries (e.g. manual or automatic gearboxes, differentials, auxiliary aerospace gearboxes etc.).

Use Cases

ATCx CFD 2020 - Welcome & Introduction to Altair and the CFD Solutions

A welcome address to Altair's ATCx CFD virtual event hosted in 2020, presented by Andy Fine, VP CFD Solutions EMEA at Altair.


CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components

CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components, presented by Dr. Miloš Stanić, Product Manager at Altair during the ATCx CFD 2020.


ATCx CFD 2020 - Fast and Accurate Solutions to Optimize CFD Performance

Presented at the ATCx CFD 2020, Fast and Accurate Solutions to Optimize CFD Performance by Stephen Cosgrove, VP CFD Solutions Americas at Altair.


ATCx CFD 2020 - Empowering Aerodynamic Design Exploration – Volkswagen Group Research Case Study

Presented as part of the ATCx CFD 2020. Empowering Aerodynamic Design Exploration – Volkswagen Group Research Case Study by Dr. Bastian Schnepf, Technical Manager CFD Solutions at Altair.


ATCx CFD 2020 - A New & Revolutionary Way to Collect Energy from Wind

Presented at the ATCx CFD 2020. A New & Revolutionary Way to Collect Energy from Wind by David Yáñez, Co-Founder of Vortex Bladeless.


ATCx CFD 2020 - Workshop 3: General Purpose CFD

Workshop 3: General Purpose CFD presented live at the ATCx CFD 2020 virtual event.


ATCx CFD 2020 - Q&A with Torbjörn Larsson, Former Head of CFD for Ferrari F1

Recorded at the ATCx CFD 2020 virtual event, this is a Q&A with Torbjörn Larsson, Former Head of CFD for Ferrari F1. With previous roles at BMW F1, General Motors and Saab Military Aircraft, Torbjörn has 30 years of industrial experience in fluid mechanics and CFD. Listen to the questions our audience posed to Torbjörn in this 30 minute session.


CFD Modeling and Visualization with Altair CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has long been regarded as an "expert" tool that requires specialized skill sets to apply properly.


Altair for Multiphysics Applications

Altair provides an industry-leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled software to simulate a wide range of interacting physical models including fluid-structure interaction (FSI), flexible bodies, aeroacoustics, and thermomechanical simulation.


Altair CFD Overview Video

Altair CFD offers a comprehensive set of tools to solve fluid mechanics problems. Whether you are looking to perform thermal analysis of buildings, predict aerodynamics of vehicles, optimize gearbox oiling, reduce cooling fan noise, or develop innovative medical devices, Altair CFD can help. This short video exemplifies several of Altair CFD's most typical applications on a utility tractor.

Product Overview Videos