Better Press Tools with Additive Manufacturing - Innovative Design, Less Material and Guaranteed Successful Manufacture

Etteplan offers engineering solutions to the world’s leading manufacturing companies for industrial equipment and plant engineering. Etteplan’s client Wärtsilä were looking to redesign their valve spring press tools used for mounting cylinder head valves. Altair OptiStruct™ and Altair Inspire™ were used to run topology optimization and finite element analyses to create design concepts, and Additive Works’ Amphyon software simulated the print process. This resulted in Etteplan’s additive manufacturing press tool design being ready to be printed within one week from when the project starting data was frozen.

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Amphyon Brochure

Brochure for Amphyon, a simulation-based process software for laser beam melting.


Additive Works' Technology Brochure

Simulation-based software solutions for Additive Manufacturing.


Sustainable Design-to-Part Workflow for Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Components Using Amphyon & Altair Inspire™

Advancements in 3D printing and design optimization for additive manufacturing (AM) is changing the industry’s overall approach to product design. This webinar features Altair Inspire™ a solution for designing parts through additive manufacturing and Amphyon, a complementary partner tool available through the Altair Partner Alliance. Through a combined workflow we’ll demonstrate an alternate and more efficient approach towards generative design. Instead of manufacturing the part, a process simulation in Amphyon is conducted to predict the impact of the AM process to the design. This feedback is then used to optimize design further and improve the manufacturing process by essentially fixing the defects early in the design process.


Highly Specialized Solutions under Altair’s Partner Alliance for Academic Market

The Altair Partner Alliance for Academic Market One Platform. One License. One Source. All Access

ATC Presentations

Introduction to Amphyon 2020

Introduction to new features and use-cases of Amphyon 2020


Investigation of Thermal Stability in Laser Beam Melting

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by the Additive Works Team. Additive Works is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.


Amphyon 2019 - New Simulation Capabilities For More Stable Processes

This webinar presents a general overview of the Amphyon 2019 software, including all alterations, as well as the new Thermal Simulation module and deeper insights to Support Optimization.


Component level simulation of selective laser melting process − VTT Pipe

VTT has been testing AM process simulation tools for inclusion in their design for AM workflow. Through these tests, Additive Works’ Amphyon software was found to predict component level geometric distortion values that corresponded well with measurements, give an indication of potential print failure due to recoater contact, and is easy to learn and use.

Customer Stories

Automated First-time-right Support Generation for Laser Beam Melting with Additive Works’ Amphyon

Additive Works will replace these extensive iterations by the use of process simulation and optimization to create a support structure first-time-right.

Customer Stories

Application of Altair HyperWorks and APA Products in Design of Gas-Turbine Engines

Presentation by Sergey Kutuev, Lyulka Design Bureau.

The presentation will demonstrate case studies performed by Lyulka Desigh Bureau enterprise with the application of Altair HyperWorks software products, such as HyperMesh and HyperView. Strength and optimization analysis carried out with OptiStruct solver for parts of a gas-turbine engine being investigated will be shown. Amphyon software from Altair Partner Alliance was used for simulation of the additive manufacturing process for the parts of an engine, as well for the deformation prediction. The simulation results obtained with Amphyon are compared with the scanned model of the manufactured part to demonstrate results correlation.

ATC Presentations, Videos

First-Time-Right Laser Beam Melting with Additive Works’ Amphyon

This webinar will present the current state of the Amphyon software including the new Support Module and how the pre-processing for Laser Beam Melting processes will be tomorrow. The web presentation includes a speech about the needs for software, the idea of the Additive Works ASAP workflow and a live demonstration of the capabilities of the software. That includes defining the ideal build orientation, creating supports based on optimization, conducting a process simulation and compensating residual distortion by pre-deforming the part geometry. The modules will be demonstrated by demo parts, that are usually manufactured by Laser Beam Melting.


Partner Spotlight: Additive Works

Dr. Nils Keller, CEO, discusses additive manufacturing software, Amphyon, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


Additive Works Showcase Video

Nils Keller, Additive Works CEO, presented at the 2017 EATC in Frankenthal, Germany. Check out his one-on-one interview!

Video Testimonials

Introduction to Amphyon by Additive Works

Amphyon is a simulation based process software for powder bed based, laser beam melting additive manufacturing processes. It allows for automatic optimization of part orientation as well as a build up process simulation and the adaption of process parameters in order to achieve a higher part quality and more process stability.


Top Use Cases: Amphyon

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for additive manufacturing software, Amphyon.

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