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The Future of Powertrain Electrification

Oliver Knaus from AVL, an APA partner, discusses the future of powertrain electrification.

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How to Optimize Vehicle Energy Balance through Smart Hybrid Controller Layout with AVL CRUISE™ M

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) combine the best of two worlds: a long range possible through an internal combustion engine and lower consumption and emissions through electrification. These advantages can, however, only be achieved if the complex powertrains of HEVs are developed using optimally calibrated hybrid controllers. Developing such controllers requires a multi-domain simulation of the entire vehicle including controller functionalities. This is needed to set up smart strategies by considering realistic driving conditions. Using Design of Experiments (DoE), optimized parameters can be gained. This ensures robust controller functions over a wide spectrum of vehicle operations. In this Webinar, AVL’s experts will show how the energy balance of a hybrid vehicle can be optimized using an innovative system simulation. Topics will include setting up a controller strategy and handling several design variants of controller parameters and functionalities.


AVL CRUISE™ M Tutorial Videos

AVL and Altair Engineering are pleased to bring you a free collection of tutorials to become better acquainted with AVL CRUISE™ M.


AVL Showcase Video

A brief introduction to AVL, their three products available through the APA, and how they are applied to the powertrain development process.

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Partner Spotlight: AVL CRUISE™ M

Andrej Kodrin, Product Manager - System Simulation, discusses system simulation software, AVL CRUISE™ M, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


Introduction to AVL CRUISE™ M

This webinar will introduce AVL CRUISE M™ with a focus on using CRUISE M™ for model-based control function development. AVL CRUISE™ M is a multi-disciplinary system simulation solution that supports model-based development using high quality real-time models from domains including engine, flow, aftertreatment, driveline, electrics and hydraulics.


Top Use Cases: AVL CRUISE™ M

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the systems simulation software, AVL CRUISE M.

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