Data Analytics for Banks and Credit Unions

Data Transformation for Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of robotic software to automate time-consuming, high-volume, repetitive back-office activities. The cost benefits of RPA to an organization can be significant. RPA is driving the next wave of digital transformation with the goal of streamlining business activities to lower costs and eliminate human error.

Altair data transformation solutions are designed to automate your repeatable processes, eliminate manual tasks, and remove human error – making them a perfect fit for RPA.

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Streamline Mortgage Servicing Processes

Data overage and usage fees from financial services technology organizations can amount to enormous costs.

The Altair Mortgage Data Suite provides end-users with the framework to eliminate data overage and usage fees that often amount to enormous costs to banks, credit unions and financial institutions. Increasing access to difficult mortgage data and using machine learning can lead to further financial benefits, such as mitigating credit risk, fraud risk, improving collections and lowering operational costs.

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System and Data Migrations

It is very common for financial institutions to migrate data from systems as part of large, complex projects. Whether the project is a technology upgrade, the implementation of a new core banking system, or migrating to a new loan origination or servicing system, Altair is the leader in extracting data from the old systems, transforming it to the new required formats and automating the process to load it to the new system.

Automated Regulatory Reporting

Financial institutions need to submit timely reports to state, federal, and industry regulators. Poor data quality and late submissions can cost an organization financially and impair its brand reputation. Altair helps credit unions and banks automate regulatory reporting processes, delivering on-time reports with clean, trusted and accurate data to the regulatory bodies.

Our Credit Union Customers also use us for:

Our Credit Union Customers also use us for:

  • Daily settlement for credit card, debit card, ATM
  • FFIEC/NCUA call report automation
  • CFPB audit preparation
  • Credit risk analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Fraud detection & prevention