Applied Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Management and e-Drive Oiling

Learn how industry leaders are using Altair's CFD solutions to drive innovation in their products and to cope with complex projects.

In the first part thermal management of electric drivetrains is addressed with a multiphysics approach to combine high-fidelity fluid flow and thermal analysis in electric motors to develop effective cooling mechanisms.

Also included are diverse talks reaching from automotive fuel tank sloshing over to marine construction show the breadth of fluid applications addressable with Altair HyperWorks.

Presentations recorded at the Global ATC in Paris, France on October 18, 2018..

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A CFD Approach for the Assessment of Fuel Tank Sloshing Noise

Presentation by Matthäus Jäger, CFD Simulation Engineer at Magna Steyr Fuel Tec. Fuel tank sloshing noise is becoming increasingly noticable as engines,...

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Developing the Electric Drivetrain of Tomorrow - How Numerical Tools can Support Cooling and Lubrication System Development

We are right at the beginning of the new mobility era with deep impact on the architecture of cars. Hybridization and electrification are the dominating topics...

Conference Presentations

Defining Positioning System for Heavy Lift Barge with AcuSolve

Presentation by Pawel Sadowski, Technical Support Manager at DES ART.Even during building roads your approach may be different from the standard one. The...

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