Panel Discussion: Achieving Digital Twins Through Integrated System Simulations, MBSE, and Reduced-Order Modeling

The term “Digital Twins” can mean different things to different people, and often involves the use of different building-block technologies depending on the specific objectives.  This panel of experts will share how their technologies extend and complement Altair’s Digital Twin capabilities – in the areas of system simulation software & services, Model-Based Systems Engineering (connecting system-level requirements to system-level simulation results), and reduced-order models (ROMs). 

Future.Industry 2021

CFD Toolbox for Altair Compose® Use Cases

Use cases for CFD Toolbox for Altair Compose® by QuickerSim. A Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation tool for fluid flow and heat transfer problems.

Use Cases

Accelerate Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Using QuickerSim's CFD Toolbox for Altair Compose®

An Introductory webinar to CFD Toolbox for Compose by QuickerSim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. CFD Toolbox for Compose is a package dedicated for solving fluid flow and heat transfer problems. It comprises of functions which encapsulate routines for the assembly of such problems as well supplementary utilities for pre- and post-processing tasks. Simulation models take the form of scripts and are solved using in-built tools of Altair Compose®. This allows engineers and researchers to tailor the simulation models to their needs and easily integrate fluid flow and heat transfer analysis into their workflow.