Quick Failure Analysis and Improved Solution of Bolted Joint by Cetim-Cobra

This webinar features Cobra by Cetim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. On a heavy compressor, changing a damaged part is not always possible due to time and cost constraints. When the first threads of a tapped part (M48) have been stripped during a maintenance mistake, a quick repair had to be defined, with minimum part modifications. The new design had to prove equivalent in strength, fatigue, and pressure on sealing rings at service temperature compared to the original design. The robustness of the solution is also analyzed, comparing results for different tolerances. FEM analysis would prove too long. Cobra allowed to design and verify a solution in a very short time, based on a threaded insert and thanks to its fast calculations.


Powerful and Easy-to-Use Solution for Bolted and Screwed Joint Analysis

Cobra addresses complex bolted and screwed joints with critical safety and security issues. The software enables designs to be tested quickly and rigorously to prevent failures and extend service life, in line with the VDI2230 standard. In contrast to manual calculations and verifications, which can take several days to complete, with Cobra even complex assemblies are resolved in around 30 minutes. Leading enterprises and organizations in the automotive, rail, air, defense, and space sectors routinely employ Cobra to analyze dynamic assemblies. For industries such as gas, petroleum, agriculture, and construction, it is an equally valuable tool for heavy duty joints.


Cobra Use Cases

Top use cases for Cetim. Bolted joints analysis, review, verification, failure analysis, and dimensioning.

Use Cases

Cetim Cobra Product Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of Cobra.