Altair offers a novel set of software modules, making the management of simulation data a natural and enjoyable experience. The integration of Altair's HyperWorks simulation tools with PBS Works workload management solutions increases high-performance computing (HPC) productivity, providing users with a reliable and affordable enterprise HPC platform.

With Compute Manager, users can:

  • Set up simulation jobs on distributed resources with easily configurable applications definitions
  • Monitor workloads on distributed resources, both graphically and analytically
  • Manage simulation jobs, visualizing data and results remotely
  • Enable secure and immediate access to distributed resources from virtually any Internet-enabled device


Submitting Jobs

  • Submit jobs via PBS Professional using PBS Application Services (PAS)
  • Use PAS Application Definition technology to easily define applications for job submission
  • Share application profiles with other users and groups
  • Save commonly used application and application inputs as profiles

Monitoring Jobs

  • List a real-time display of all currently running jobs
  • Filter and group jobs easily to better clarify the monitoring output
  • View/edit job output files either prior to job submission or during job execution (runtime)

Managing Remote Files
  • Real time access to the remote file system of the PBS Professional cluster, providing the standard file operation tools you're accustomed to with your desktop file manager
  • Easily drag and drop project files onto applications for fast job submission

Reviewing Results – Results Visualization Service (An extension to Compute Manager)

  • Improved user interface
  • Tightly integrated Results Visualization Service and new Display Manager (BETA) allow exploration of huge datasets directly on the server-side
  • Performance improvement in handling series result files such as RADIOSS and Dyna animation
  • Available from remote file browser
  • Accessible from Job Monitoring as well as remote file browser
  • Provides advanced job monitoring capability through inspecting and visualizing data from the solver log files
  • Allows visualization of animation and plot data for running and completed jobs through the Compute Manager file viewer
  • Provides ability to remotely execute/save result templates for extracting and visualizing results from huge result files

Access Management Service (A centralized configuration system for defining users and their groups)
  • Specify which users and/or groups can use certain applications
  • Share application profiles with specific users and/or groups

Supported Platforms:

Operating Systems (Server)
  • Windows 64bit (Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Linux 64 bit (SLES 10/11, RHEL 5/6 & CENTOS 5)

Supported Browsers (Clients)
  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Linux: Firefox, Chrome
  • Mac OS X: Safari

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