How to Avoid Oversized Plastic Parts and Wrong Material Choices in the Design Phase

Lightweight design often is all about replacing metal parts with plastics. Simulation tools are useful to avoid oversized parts and verify its physical integrity early in the development process. But to do it right, influences of the manufacturing process and the right material choice are essential. During this webinar, this process will be outlined for an injection molded short-fiber-reinforced plastic part. The effects of weld lines, fiber orientation, temperature and more, on the part's strength cannot be ignored. How such influences are easily considered will be shown in this webinar. Presenter: Sascha Pazour | Engineer, PART Engineering GmbH Featuring Converse and S-Life Plastics by PART Engineering, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


The Future of Plastics Simulation

Wolfgang Korte from PART Engineering, an APA partner, discusses the future of plastics simulation.


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Global ATC 2020

Converse Product Datasheet

CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software that bridges the gap between injection molding simulation and mechanical simulation.


Prediction of the Vibration Behavior of Short-Fiber Reinforced Engine Brackets

In this webinar, a procedure for the prediction of the vibration behavior of short fiber reinforced structural components considering the anisotropic material properties is presented. The fiber orientation is determined by an injection molding simulation and transferred to the structural mechanics model. The determination of the anisotropic stiffness characteristics of the composite material is based on a multiscale material model. The identification of the parameters of the material model is carried out by comparison with resonance measurements on simple bending bars. As an example, results for an engine bracket are presented. Due to the comparatively simple application and scalability of the procedure, high-performance computations can also be conducted for large models.


Part Engineering 2019 ATC Lunch and Learn Presentation

Improved Prediction of the Vibration Behavior of Short-Fiber Reinforced Engine Brackets

Conference Presentations

A Chain is as Strong as its Average Link: Considering Weld Line Positions Might be a Good Idea

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by Dr. Marcus Stojek, Managing Director at PART Engineering, developers of CONVERSE and S-Life-FKM. PART Engineering is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

Technical Document

CONVERSE-Radioss Integrative Simulation of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

In this webinar, learn how CONVERSE enables the consideration of the real anisotropic mechanical behavior of short-fiber-reinforced materials in an FE analysis. More precisely predicting part stiffness and failure. Significantly enhancing FEA reliability.


White Paper: One Source Solution for Short-Fiber Reinforced Materials in FEA

With use of today’s technology, FE simulation of the injection molding process is state of the art. Several unique solvers are available for this purpose. However, an appropriate coupling between the injection molding simulation and the mechanical simulation is required.

Technical Document

Top Use Cases: CONVERSE

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the composites software, CONVERSE.

Use Cases

CONVERSE for Consumer Goods

Use case showing how to apply CONVERSE by PART Engineering to bridge the gap between injection molding simulation and mechanical simulation.

Use Cases

One Source Solution for Short-Fiber-Reinforced Materials in FEA

This webinar shows possibilities to enhance your FE Analysis of fiber-reinforced plastics and explains the best way to extract more reliable information out of your parts. Focusing on the anisotropic material behavior, the workflow will show the mapping of fiber orientation results from Moldex3D onto the FE solver OptiStruct by using Converse. The whole chain will be explained from “what is the main issue with short-fiber-reinforced plastics” to “what effort/benefit ratio can be expected”. Please note: You will need to login to Altair Connect to view this recording.


Accurate Simulation of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Automotive Parts

For fiber reinforced automotive parts the consideration of anisotropic material behavior is required to receive reliable results. In the scope of this fact a procedure is described how to consider these effects in terms of process-structure interaction and how to achieve possible benefits such as weight reduction and shorter development cycles. The procedure is outlined with practical applications from company Valeo Ligthing Systems and another industrial partner project that is currently still in progress.

Conference Presentations

CONVERSE – Software for Accurate FE-Simulation of Plastic Automotive Applications

Using the anisotropic material behavior of short fiber reinforced plastics by assigning the fiber orientation and appropriate material behavior to your parts easily. The general procedure and the outcoming benefit will be shown with industrial part examples using the software CONVERSE.


Designing Composite Components for Automotive

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording to learn the latest advancements in composites design and optimization of carbon fiber composites and mixed material structures in the automotive industry. Capabilities included in Altair HyperWorks as well as third party products available through the Altair Partner Alliance will be illustrated, showing real life examples of application.


From Manufacturing to Design Validation

The Altair Partner Alliance's Technical Director reflects on proper design validation when it comes to fiber reinforced plastics.

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Success Story: Valeo - Streamlining the Development of Glass Fiber Composite Products with CONVERSE & HyperWorks

Valeo was able to cover a broad range of simulation tasks for model preparation of glass fiber polymer composite parts by applying CONVERSE by PART Engineering alongside HyperWorks.

Customer Stories

Partner Spotlight: Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering

Interview with Sascha Pazour from PART Engineering about possible applications, tips and facts about using CONVERSE.