Available Modules

Coustyx: NVH analysis software that yields fast, accurate solutions to very large problems in acoustics, across a wide frequency range.

All modules of Coustyx are included in the APA version.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

ANSOL has several additional other software products that are not currently available through the APA.

Calyx: Customizable multibody dynamic and static, 2D, and 3D FE based contact solver engine.

Helical3D: 3D external and internal helical gear pair contact analysis.

HypoidFaceHobbed: Geometric modeling and contact analysis of face-hobbed spiral-bevel and hypoid gears.

HypoidFaceMilled: Geometric modeling and contact analysis of face-milled spiral-bevel and hypoid gears.

Planetary2D: 2D static and dynamic analysis of simple planetary systems.

Transmission3D: 3D multi-gear pair contact analysis with multiple gear generation packages.