Rapid Vehicle Development in Just 12 Months

SAIC Motor, the largest domestic motor manufacturer in China, required assistance in bringing a new range of vehicles to market in an aggressive time frame while meeting European requirements. The Roewe 550 automobile formed the basis of this project.

The newly established SAIC UK technical centre (SMTC) worked closely with both the China and UK arms of Altair ProductDesign to utilize its engineers’ skills in vehicle development and analysis. Specifically, Altair ProductDesign was made responsible for the crash, NVH and durability performance of the Roewe 550.

A key factor to achieve the tight time scale was the successful implementation of a simulation design driven process and optimization techniques to minimize cost and weight while maintaining performance. Customised process automation techniques were used routinely throughout the program to keep the overall development on track. During Roewe 550 development, SMTC UK and Altair ProductDesign engineers produced a virtual design of the vehicle within just 12 months that required no full prototype testing while simultaneously reducing vehicle mass.

The vehicle was delivered on time, met all performance objectives and is now on sale in its native China. SAIC with Altair ProductDesign successfully demonstrated that aggressive vehicle program time scales can be met through effective use of a simulation driven design process combined with the optimization technologies.

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