Controlling Software Costs with Altair’s Software Asset Optimization System

Toyota Motorport GmbH uses CAE, CAD and other development software in all of its development departments. The software the engineers use in their daily work is usually available within TMG and can be retrieved from a large software license pool. To efficiently handle this process the TMG IT department started to look at license monitoring options. Via license monitoring it can be seen which licenses are used when and how often. In addition to that, the management team needs to understand the actual demand of software within the company to make sure that it is known in which area licenses are needed or if the company owns more licenses of a certain software type than actually needed.

TMG chose Altair’s Software Asset Optimization (SAO) system to address this problem. SAO (Software Asset Optimization) enables the user easy and efficient access of the actual software usage of existing licenses in his company. He can analyze the software usage and based on this information make appropriate decisions concerning the acquisitions of new licenses and the extension of existing contracts.

Based on the information coming from the vendor license server, Altair SAO creates reports about the software usage across the entire company. With SAO, the user can create alert dashboards/notifications and simple as well as detailed user reports. Questions such as: “Why/What for is a certain software used?”, “Who uses it?”, “Where is the software used?”, “How much is paid for the usage?”, “Who should be charged for it?”, can be answered.

With its new Altair SAO system, TMG is now able to answer all management requests regarding the usage and need of software precisely. Based on the reports, management can come to sound decisions regarding how many licenses of a certain software type should be acquired or extended. Additionally the management will know when a new investment in a certain software type is not profitable. This approach enables the company to consolidate its software expenses since it is clearly documented how often and by how many users the software is actually used.

“With Altair SAO this is now different. For this reason we immediately realized the potential of the software solution regarding the ROI. I think that we will be able to save a lot of money with this solution, especially within the first one or two years."
Per Nordqvist, IT department, Toyota Motorsport GmbH

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