Streamlining Design Data Management

The efficient management of data is a base requirement for effective product development processes. Process automation and software customization can help to introduce data or process management and provide easy to use and intuitive interfaces to access the required data quickly. The Shanghai operation of automotive manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), required a system which could automate many of the day to day data management tasks associated with their engineering projects, providing secure access while cutting down on manual searches and exporting of data.

Altair ProductDesign’s Process Automation team worked with VW Shanghai to understand their current virtual design data management process and discover where the already efficient system could be enhanced. A new customized framework was constructed from Altair’s own Data Management tool which allowed VW to assign group and role based data access controls as well as facilitate rapid data import and export features and event based notification and tracking. The system featured:

- Management of test data
- Secure data access
- Unlimited number of users
- Data import and export functions
- Separated data server with backup functions

The new secure system allowed VW Shanghai to streamline their engineering data processing activities with the added search and import/export features proving highly useful for quick access and effective communication. The customized Altair Data Management solution has helped the office to save both time and manual effort in the management of its virtual design and simulation test data.

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