Data Intelligence to Fuel Your Business

Altair Knowledge Works enables individuals and organizations to incorporate more data, unite more minds and engender more trust in analytics and data science.

Analytics Benefits

Data Wrangling

Extract, clean, blend and transform your data with ease.

Insight & Foresight

Go beyond historical analytics with predictive and prescriptive modeling.

Real-Time Analysis

Rapidly visualize streaming data for more responsive decision-making.

Building Blocks of Data Intelligence

More Data

Get more from your internal, external, and enterprise-wide sources of data. Knowledge Works makes more data usable, maximizing the breadth, integrity, value, and insight you get from your analytics, no matter the origin, format or narrative of the data.

More Trust

Eliminate self-service siloes, duplications, and versioning errors that create dubious analytics. Knowledge Works is a secure, unified data management platform that ensures data integrity, user lineage, and control. The result is greater confidence, bolder insights, and smarter outcomes.

More Minds

Tear down walls between individuals, disciplines and offices to create enterprise-wide insight. Teams can collaborate on the models, predictions and recommendations of their peers with precision, efficiency and agility. Your people become invaluable in their ability to move your business forward.

Data Intelligence Applications

Altair Knowledge Works

Knowledge Works is the only analytics and data science solution to offer a fully integrated system for data access, cataloging, data prep, governance, automation, predictive analytics and visualization.

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Our Data Intelligence Offerings

Altair Knowledge Hub™

Altair Knowledge Hub™

Formerly Datawatch Swarm

Enterprise data preparation and data marketplace

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Altair Knowledge Studio™

Altair Knowledge Studio™

Formerly Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO

Predictive analytics and machine learning for data science

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Integrate with your preferred self-service BI platform, provide embedded in-workflow visualization and offer best-in-class streaming data analytics

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Why Choose Altair?



In over 30 years, Altair has developed a deep know-how for enterprise solutions through software development and services across industries.



Solution designed to scale from ideation to optimization, has flexible licensing, and is supported by a growing global partner ecosystem.

Open Architecture

Open Architecture

Architected as an open platform that can adapt and complement your existing technology ecosystem.

Our Complementary Offerings

Industrial Design

Simulation-Driven Design

Cloud Computing

Internet of Things and Analytics

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