New Developments in Technology and Process for Design for Additive Manufacturing

The focus of these presentations address in particular, how to create economic applications by combining new manufacturing technologies and a simulation driven design process.

Leading industry representatives present successful applications of additive manufacturing in combination with new approaches in product development. With their best practice examples, they will answer the question: "How to create and benefit from an added value with additive manufacturing?"

Presentations recorded at the Global ATC in Paris, France on October 16, 2018.

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Increasing the Productivity of Tooling Applications with 3D Printing and Multiphysics Simulation

Presentation by Stefan de Groot, Head of Development and Engineering at PROTIQ. Injection molding tools and high conductive copper inductors are two prominent...

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Simulation, 3D Printing, and Casting the Perfect Symbiosis for Large Aerospace Structures

Presentation by Mathieu Deloubes, Innovation Project Manager at SOGECLAIR. Manufacturing capabilities are still restrained by the size of 3D printing...

Conference Presentations

Designing Recurring AM Products for Ariane Launchers. Pushing Technology to Industrial Applications with New Design Tools and Processes

Presentation by Marta García-Cosío, CITD HO Engineering & Additive Manufacturing at CITD. This presentation outlines a novel design approach that gives...

Conference Presentations

Optimal AM Part Design Combines Advanced Design Tools and DfAM Thinking

Presentation by Marc Saunders, Director of Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw. Most design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) is not really worthy of the...

Conference Presentations
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