Available Modules

Lean Design is a simple methodical process used to model a product or process using symbols. The Lean Design ® model visibly conveys design and manufacturing complexity in a visual and "easy to understand" format. Cost, time, quality, material, weight, investment, ROI and many other critical data points are captured within each symbol to help understand the current and future total life cycle costs. Embedded images, videos, documents and notes also help share and retain product information.

Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) is a Manufacturing Readiness Assessment tool that measures manufacturing maturity. MRLs function like a roadmap providing all stakeholders a standardized language in which to measure manufacturing risk against a given technology. MRLs bring manufacturing knowledge to the earliest phase of product development and mature with the program life cycle.

Quality Report Card™ models scrap, to find rework and warranty issues at the root cause for each symbol. In this way the sigma value, CPK and the cost of issues can be captured. FMEA\PFMEA metrics can also be analyzed for each issue for an RPN value.