Delivering Accurate and Standardized Costing with Click2Cost™

Whether you are costing your own parts and components or your suppliers’, C2C™ provides the data needed to accurately and quickly predict costs.


DP CoQTM “Cost of Quality”

Combined with the power of Lean Design® DP CoQTM quickly and easily calculates the financial load that each good unit bears to pay for errors, warranty, scrap, rework, and costs of conformance, such as training, inspections, equipment calibration, equipment & tooling maintenance, administrative & technical support, and documentation.


Munro’s Lean Design® process and software will drive efficient product designs that are robust and require less parts.

The resultant design will be innovative, cost-effective, lighter weight, higher quality, and will launch faster. Lean Design® changes the way we think about product design by identifying problems and waste before they occur.


Top Use Cases: Design Profit

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the manufacturing cost analysis software, Design Profit.

Customer Stories

Using Design Profit® Custom Math Application to create a cost estimating system.

Design Profit® is a methodology and a process that exposes waste and risk in the product design so engineers can make informed trades to reduce complexity and create elegant designs for downstream stakeholders.


Design Profit Click2Cost Fuel Rail Demo

Design Profit Click2Cost Demonstration using "Fuel Rail".


Workflow Optimization using Design Profit

Learn about the workflow optimization capabilities available through the APA, using Design Profit by Munro & Associates.


Introduction to Design Profit by Munro & Associates

Learn about the complexity management offerings available using Design Profit by Munro & Associates.


Introduction to Using Design Profit

This webinar provides new users with an example problem to illustrate how the cost optimization software works. Watch as the presenter optimizes a product's build time and build cost.


Design Profit Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Brochure

Overview of the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) feature that accompanies Design Profit


Munro & Associates Design Profit Brochure

Basic information and overview of Design Profit from Munro & Associates


Munro Strategic Methods Presentation

Learn the who, what, when, where, how and why of Design Profit.