Altair EDEM™

Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) software


EDEM software is made of 3 core components: EDEM Creator, Simulator, and Analyst.


EDEM Creator

EDEM Creator is the pre-processor for setting up an EDEM simulation model.

  • Setup simulations in a fast, logical manner with EDEM’s intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Import equipment geometry from a wide range of CAD files (IGES, STL, STEP, and more)
  • Assign equipment motion (linear, rotational, sinusoidal, and more)
  • Model real world particle shapes using the validated and highly versatile multi-sphere method
  • Select contact physics models, define material properties, or add a material model straight from our extensive libraries


EDEM Simulator

EDEM Simulator is a powerful solver for fast and efficient simulations.

  • Cutting edge DEM solver, highly parallelized for use on multi-core shared memory workstations, GPU hardware, and multi-GPU systems
  • Solver engine is fully double precision across all platforms
  • Simulate large and complex particle systems
  • Live viewer window to easily review progress and assess design performance
  • Start and stop simulations at any time or configure on-the-fly data output


EDEM Analyst

EDEM Analyst is the post-processing environment where simulations are reviewed and analyzed.

  • Advanced and powerful post-processing capability
  • Extensive set of tools for visualization and analysis (coloring, graphing, bin groups)
  • Create high resolution images and videos
  • Data mining: option to export all simulation results data in .csv format as well as an EnSight file for advanced visualization
  • Access EDEMpy: a Python library for post-processing and analyzing simulation data