FE Dummy Models by Humanetics

Human Body Simulation in Crash Testing

Safety Tools for the Simulation of the Updated IIHS Side Impact and EuroNCAP Frontal Impact Crash Tests Protocol

In order to continuously improve road user’s protection during a crash event, safety standards are regularly updated by introducing new crash test protocols and enhancing existing ones. This webinar will focus on the presentations of the test’s tools needed for the simulation of theses updated tests programs, with focus on THOR 50th EuroNCAP and SIDIIs blD.


Introduction to Humanetics FE Dummy Models

An introductory webinar to Humanetics Finite Element (FE) Dummy Models, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. FE Dummy Models is a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models to virtually simulate the behavior of the Anthropomorphic Test Dummies used in crash testing to evaluate the human injuries. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been the trend in virtual crash design over the last two decades. The predictive capabilities of FEA allow engineers to fully analyze a crash event in a virtual environment. This potentially saves significant costs by better understanding vehicle and restraint performance upfront, and therefore limiting the number of physical tests that need to be executed and contributing significantly to the improvement of safety in the vehicles. Since 1995, Humanetics has developed a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models to compliment physical product testing; these models are available in the codes most commonly used for crash simulation, including Altair’s RADIOSS.