Available Modules

Fieldview Express: A subset of FieldView that reads multiple input formats: CONVERGE, FLOW-3D, FLUENT, HAVOC, LS-DYNA, NPARC-WIND, OpenFOAM, PATRAN, STL, UH3D and more

Altair Integration: AcuFieldView is an OEM bundled CFD post-processor for users of AcuSolve

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

FieldView Batch Packs: Batch-only operation without GUI or Graphics window. All other features are included. Use scripts to control.

FieldView readers for Plot3D, in-house CFD: Support for optimized in-house formats, user-defined plug-in readers, and government codes.

FieldView Single System: Low cost locked license for a single person, single machine, limited parallel/laptop operation.

HPC FieldView: FieldView client (GUI, scripting, etc.) with highly scalable VisIt engine back end.

Parallel XDB reader: HPC-enabled extract workflow.

VisIt Prime: Hardened distribution, porting, and professional support for VisIt.