New Features

Accelerated analysis for applications with large air flux leakage

  • Faster and more accurate 3D magnetostatics analysis thanks to the implementation of new integral method. This is extremely interesting for applications with a lot of flux leakage in air, such as sensors modelling.
  • No air mesh is required, dramatically reducing the computation time versus classical finite element method and offering much higher accuracy.
  • Those newly integral methods are the result of a solver project developed in partnership with the internationally reputed G2Elab.

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Losses accuracy improvement thanks to new iron losses characterization

  • New material losses data using the unique LS model, and ability to consider your own measurements, in order to produce the most accurate predictions of iron losses according to your real material specificities.
  • Enhanced material manager interface enables to quickly update material properties and models and add Bertotti material coefficients.

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Inductance computation in transient analysis

  • Fast differential and apparent inductances computation of rotating machines to fine tune control strategies.
  • Mutual and auto inductances for 2D transient models.


Improved skewed Capabilities

  • Faster solving of steady-state AC models reflecting in an average speed-up of 3.
  • New iron losses computations in laminated accelerating computation losses prediction.


Faster system coupling

  • Direct Flux model export compatible with major system simulation software for straightforward system integration.
  • Two different formats:
    • FMU (Functional Mockup Units) dynamic models format is straightforward, standardized and very efficient.
    • Lookup tables are an interesting alternative, offering the opportunity to adjust the dimensions of the table according to the required precision.
  • Latest improvement enable impressive speed-up with Altair Activate™.

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And also...

  • New supervisor examples.
    • A new full example illustrating Altair platform capabilities for the multi-disciplinary design optimization for electric motors applications.
  • New macros.
  • Including metallurgic analysis to compute austenite fraction after induction hardening process.
  • Dynamic memory management, with smart allocation.