Altair® Geomechanics Director™

A Solver-agnostic Environment for Geoscientific Modeling 

Understanding how rocks will deform in response to subsurface activities is vital across numerous industries including oil and gas, mining, geothermal, civil engineering, construction, and hydrology. Unfortunately, subsurface properties (composition, porosity, strength) and the thermal, chemical, and tectonic settings all interact to make forecasting subsurface responses difficult, time consuming, costly, and often inaccurate.

To address these complex issues, Geomechanics Director provides a comprehensive platform that enables engineers and geoscientists to rapidly build and analyze high fidelity earth models. Using stratigraphic principals, Geomechanics Director offers an intuitive user experience and automated tools for modelling the subsurface and its response to both natural and human induced loads.

Geomechanics Director Overview Video

Why Geomechanics Director?

Build Large Earth Models Faster

Build large (>100e6 solid elements) complex geological geometries with extremely high geometric fidelity to imported earth models.

Automate Geoscientific Analysis

Automate repetitive analysis setup and post-processing steps, allowing users to focus on value-adding interpretation using state-of-the-art interrogation and reporting tools.

Flexible Simulation Framework

Geomechanics Director provides a flexible, customizable geoscience simulation environment, no matter which solver is used.

Key Features

Solver-agnostic Environment

Whether importing geometries, exporting to specific solvers, or reading their results files, the Geomechanics Director environment is built to support all common formats.

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Classification Aware

Using geoscience principals and terminology, Geomechanics Director’s classification makes learning and building simulations significantly easier for earth scientists, with or without a simulation background.

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Simplified Simulation Workflows

The powerful and feature rich interface of Geomechanics Director simplifies multi-step simulation building and analysis tasks like mesh cleanup, resolving intersections, pinchouts, and result analysis.

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Better Decisions, Faster

Enhance the impact of simulation by producing high fidelity models with shorter setup and solve time and more analysis runs for detailed, accurate analysis.

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Geomechanics Director’s environment for building and analyzing earth models can be extensively customized to handle the requirements of almost any analysis workflow.

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Map to Third Party Platforms

The mapping tool quickly and accurately transfers parameters between discretizations, optimized per application, and can transfer result to third party platforms.

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