Introducing Altair HyperWorks 2019

The Most Comprehensive, Open-architecture Simulation Platform

HyperWorks 2019

Solutions for Every Stage of Product Development

Our comprehensive open CAE platform continues to expand the solutions available for every stage of your product development process while maintaining interfaces to all major CAD/CAE products and extensive interfaces for developing automations.

Altair HyperWorks offers solutions for all engineers – from model-based systems design and early geometry ideation, to detailed multiphysics simulation and optimization. This release further delivers on the promise of simulation driven design, building more physics-based design solutions to deliver the interconnected products your customers demand.

Why HyperWorks?

Altair HyperWorks™ is the most comprehensive open-architecture simulation platform, offering best in-class technologies to design and optimize high performance, efficient and innovative products.

Version 2019 introduces exciting additions to the broadest and most powerful suite of physics solvers on the market, new time-saving workflows, and dramatic improvements to the industry’s best modeling and visualization platform.

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New Tools for Both Experts and Part-time Analysts

Altair SimSolid makes designers and engineers more productive by performing structural analysis on original, un-simplified CAD assemblies in seconds to minutes.

Altair HyperLife enables customers to quickly understand potential durability issues through an easy-to-learn solution for fatigue life under static, transient and vibrational loading.

What’s New

Enhanced User Experience

Your designers, engineers and CAE specialists can now work within a single intuitive and consistent user-experience, with the release of a new set of workflows for geometry creation, editing, morphing and meshing.

Explore the new HyperMesh workflows

More Optimization and Physics Workflows

Broad solver and workflow enhancements enable you to drive more of your design with optimization and multiphysics simulations of interacting structural, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic and fluid behavior for all manufacturing methods. 

Featured Product Updates

Register for the Introduction to HyperWorks 2019 Webinar Hosted by CTO James Dagg

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