Extrication Tool

Improving the success rate of soldier rescue

  • Client U.S. Air Force
  • Industry Military
  • Services Design research, Industrial Design, Mechanical engineering, Product development, Design implementation, Prototyping
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The extrication tool, used by the U.S. Air Force to rescue soldiers, was not optimal. Soldiers in the field felt the tool was cumbersome, slow, and lacked the capability they desired. Altair's Industrial Design team traveled to North Carolina and participated in training to observe and study the soldiers in action. discover opportunities to improve their rescue tool beyond what was initially conceived.

In 2010, Altair received a prestigious IDSA IDEA Award for the design of a new extrication tool for the United States Air Force. This cutting, lifting, and spreading tool was designed for use by rescue teams during search and rescue missions in the event of an accident.

Our analysis and optimization process allowed us to remove non – essential material, resulting in a design that was 30% lighter and 15% shorter than the existing tool. The tool being lighter, smaller and easier to handle not only makes rescuers more efficient, but also gives them the ability to get to mission locations more quickly.