The electronics industry has had a more dramatic effect on our lives today than at any other time in history and the pace of change in this industry is mind numbing. Today, electronics gadgets have truly become our gateway to the world.

Consumer appetites have never been so high; constantly looking for unique new products, while always with keeping an eye on price. The pressure on electronics companies to quickly deliver innovative products at lower cost is intense. Innovation, time to market and lower cost are the keys to succeed in this industry. A simulation-driven design approach has broad impact on electronics product development.

"If not for [Altair] Embed, I’m not sure how we could have simulated this job for our customer. As a tool, it has all the features we need to simulate any motor control application, quickly and accurately."
– David Wilson, Owner, Kappa Electronics

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Simulation Driven Design Automation

Altair’s advanced simulation and process automation technologies coupled with the experience of Altair’s global consulting organization delivers highly automated, engineering solutions to many world leading electronics companies to dramatically shorten product development cycles and time to market. Specializing in simulation driven design methodologies and structural optimization, Altair rapidly implements these solutions such that they are broadly accessible and easy to use to solve complex problems and labor intensive tasks. It empowers electronics engineers and designer to quickly conceive more innovative solutions to complex designs, minimizing product cost and material usage for "greener" products.

Most Comprehensive Simulation Solution

In today’s electronics product design and development environment, manufacturers face conflicting design requirements that involve different engineering challenges including mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, electromechanical, manufacturing and packaging etc. Altair offers the most comprehensive technology and services solutions in the industry to address these design challenges to support our clients in delivering the most innovative, highest quality products to market faster.

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