Monetize Your Data Analytics Performance Through Collaboration

How can we take a step back from our current processes and improve them with new Machine Learning tools, or just clever reporting? In this session, our in-house solutions expert Alyson Kelley discussed how to monetize your current processes by: - Understanding current trends in data analytics - Creating strategic alliances within your organization - Taking advantage of partnerships with current vendors


Streamline Audit Processes with Self-Service Data Preparation

Auditors are under significant pressure to keep expenditures down whether they work for an external audit firm or are part of an internal audit team. Achieving cost-effective audits requires organizations to do more with less - while maintaining or increasing audit quality. To succeed auditors not only need the right expertise and process but also the right data analytics tools.

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Accelerate Data-driven Smart Operations with Altair Manufacturing Analytics

Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle - from shop floor to top floor - with self-service data analytics and machine learning solutions.

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Knowledge Studio Spotlight Series - Fraud Detection and Prevention: A Data-Driven Approach

Fraud impacts everyone—from individual consumers to large corporations. Traditional rules-based systems may have been effective in the past in identifying fraud, but they become ineffective and stale as fraudsters learn how to bypass those rules. It becomes even more challenging due to the large volumes of data that need to be processed and examined to detect fraud, in addition to the constantly changing tactics for committing fraud – those activities are usually hidden in large volumes of data. Recently developed machine learning techniques are increasingly effective in detecting fraud with the advances in data systems (e.g. big data, streaming data) and computational systems (e.g. high-performance computing, GPU). As a result, it is possible to identify fraudulent patterns of behavior in data that is constantly being captured from day-to-day activities. In addition, it is feasible to address the challenges associated with fraudsters changing their tactics.


Powerhouse Data Prep: Altair Monarch for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications are ubiquitous, flexible, and give users the power to develop complex macro and formula-driven applications. The downside, however, is that spreadsheets are prone to error, difficult to program, produce results that are easy to misinterpret, do not handle data from multiple disparate sources easily, and are extremely difficult to maintain and debug as their size increases. Monarch can vastly reduce mistakes, save time, and support the most complex requirements.

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Data Science for Engineering

Data science and AI are game-changing technologies for engineering and manufacturing companies. To embrace the need of today and the future for self-service data science and analytics in manufacturing, we need more data engineers to make this all possible.
At Altair, we envision a future where engineers are well equipped to apply data science techniques to derive powerful predictive analysis that transforms the way they operate. There are a plethora of applications for data science in manufacturing - from product design, supply chain optimization, and fault prediction, and preventative maintenance to demand forecasting, and quality assurance. By bridging the gap between the data scientist and engineering roles, your organization can breakdown data silos and extract actionable insights to drive real business value.
The movement has just started. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more.


Monarch Spotlight Series - Data Automation for Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicers using Black Knight face significant challenges around quickly and cost-effectively accessing lending and prepayment risk. Mortgage Servicers rely on the client and transactional data to evaluate pre-payment risk and execute on investor reporting, loss analysis, and servicing transfers. On platforms like Black Knight MSP, that data is either trapped in static reports or accessible through costly add-ons like BDE. The Altair Mortgage Suite serves as a complement to the mortgage servicing platform by transforming reports into tabular data, applying machine learning, and presenting the data in a visual, easy-to-interpret fashion. Come join our in-house expert with two decades of experience in mortgage servicing Joe Lovati to learn how the Altair Mortgage Suite can bring efficiency to your processes.


Don’t Waste Time Manually Preparing Data in Spreadsheets

Stop wasting time repeating the same manual data preparation task in spreadsheets. Experience how Altair Monarch is the solution to fast, automated error-free data transformation.

Use Cases

Data Analytics, Manufacturing Operations, & Quality

The ever-changing worlds of manufacturing and data analytics are now converging—and this intersection will soon greatly influence process management and quality engineering. Yet at all levels, quality professionals are grappling with the what and how of integrating data analytics. Altair Data Analytics recently partnered with ASQ to bring you a forward-looking discussion on data analytics, featuring special guests Sony Pauly (Technical Director—Northeast) and Dr. Tom Zougas (VP Worldwide Data Analytics Services) from Altair.
Listen as they discuss the questions and definitions that matter:

  • What does “data analytics in quality and manufacturing” entail?
  • What is smart manufacturing, or Industry 4.0?
  • How will the shift from preventive to predictive impact quality professionals?
  • How does data analytics impact anomaly detection, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance, and warranty analytics?


The Truth about the Analytics Maturity Journey: 2021 Edition

Analytics Maturity Models have been around for 15 years, used by analyst firms and businesses across industries globally. But confusion remains about where exactly organizations place themselves on the continuum. Chris Long, VP of Worldwide Data Analytics Solutions Specialists—who was part of the original team at SAS that came up with the Analytics Maturity Model idea—shared his valuable perspective on its many iterations, and its application in 2021 and beyond. Take an insider’s look at the questions that need to be asked to truly figure out where you stand: -What are the most common misconceptions regarding the Analytics Maturity Model? -How can you verify where you are on the model? -What are the actions that we’ve seen clients take to level up on the model?


Build Predictive Models for Failure and Multi-class Failure

Machine learning technology leveraging historical and real-time data from sensors mounted to production equipment as well as PLCs, SCADA, and other sources can accurately flag potential failures of whole machines and/or critical components before they can cause downtime.


Use Machine Learning To Predict Remaining Useful Life

Machine learning (ML) and stream processing technology are powerful solutions for remaining useful life (RUL) analysis. Manufactures can use the large amounts of data produced by sensors combined with human inspections of finished pieces to train ML algorithms. The ML tools can then proactively alert operators when a tool is approaching its end of life, allowing them to schedule the replacement for a convenient time. Stream processing algorithms can also process all the sensor data being generated by any number of production machines, make on-the-fly comparisons with historical data, and increase the accuracy of ML algorithms. This solutions flyer explains how smart selection and application of ML tools combined with the availability of clean, governed datasets help manufacturers optimize their maintenance and wear part replacement schedules.


Data-Driven Warranty Risk Profile Analysis

Most manufacturers must handle large numbers of warranty claims related to a variety of products and components. The volume of claims can easily run to millions per year for consumer goods manufacturers. Patterns within claims data may indicate emerging quality or design problems; therefore, identifying and prioritizing the issues requiring high priority responses is critical to improving quality and reducing the financial impact of claims. This solutions flyer how advanced data analytics tools enable teams to cleanse and organize data from any set of repositories and apply machine learning technology to identify emerging quality or design issues.


AutoML, Explainable AI, Custom Nodes + More: New Workflow Conveniences in Altair Knowledge Studio

Discover the new capabilities of Knowledge Studio that were released in 2020 to keep the tool moving as fast as science evolves. 2020 has been a slow and complicated year for some industries but not for technology. Technology continues to evolve at a fast pace and so should the solutions that support. Knowledge Studio has added some amazing features in 2020 to keep up with the trends in Data Science. Watch our lively discussion on the following new features: -Explainable AI capabilities for black box models -Automated machine learning for analysts that are not data scientists -Model Stacking to combine learnings from many models -Custom node creation through coding to keep work within the tool -Other new capabilities


Detect Anomalies in Manufacturing Equipment and Systems

Identifying unusual behaviors or patterns in machine components using sensor data can prevent small glitches from creating major operational problems.


Innovative Tools for the Next Generation Data Scientist

We’ll take you through Knowledge Studio which is a market-leading easy to use machine learning and predictive analytics solution that rapidly visualizes data as it quickly generates explainable results - without requiring a single line of code. Knowledge Studio is a perfect fit to help manage credit and fraud risk, marketing analytics, product lifecycle design, customer loyalty programs, and supply chains. From healthcare to financial services, telecommunications to product warranty claims, Knowledge Studio enables analytics teams to gain useful, actionable insight from their data. Techniques we’ll walk you through: Code Interactivity Auto ML Explainable AI Model Stacking Who should attend? This event is perfect for anyone working with and analysing complex data in their organisations.


Implement Effective Manufacturing Process Analytics

By extracting real value from their data, manufacturers can make accurate predictions about component life, replacement requirements, energy efficiency, utilization, and other factors that have direct impacts on production capacity, throughput, quality, sales, customer acceptance, and overall efficiency.


Guide to Using Data Analytics to Prevent Financial Fraud

Financial fraud takes countless forms and involves many different aspects of business including; insurance and government benefit claims, retail returns, credit card purchases, under and misreporting of tax information, and mortgage and consumer loan applications.


Advance Asset Maintenance Strategies with Predictive Analytics

Predictive maintenance provides a proactive solution to monitor equipment health and predict failures. It enables organizations to avoid machine failures and unplanned downtime, increase equipment and production line productivity, reduce maintenance costs (including hard component replacement costs and associated personnel time), and improve output quality.


Automated Machine Learning Streamlines Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is critically important to the ongoing success of any manufactured product. Detecting design defects, raw material problems, build issues, and quality control shortfalls as early as possible fosters continuous product improvement, increased reliability and performance, and allows the company to maintain strong reputations for product brands.


Altair Data Analytics for the Federal Government

Altair Data Analytics enabled government agencies and people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions.


Using Data Automation and Predictive Analytics To Reassess Risk In the COVID-19 Era

How can banks & credit unions use data automation and predictive analytics to reassess risk due to COVID-related unemployment? Join Dylan Tancill, Director of Altair's Bank & Credit Union Team, for a lively discussion presented at the recently held 5th Annual CULYtics Virtual Summit 2020.


The Next Generation of Data-Driven Lending

Post COVID-19 and as we navigate our new normal - banking and lending will undoubtedly be transformed. As the economic fallout spreads, financial firms are grappling with a major influx of relief requests from consumer and business customers. Our panelists discuss whether modern technology, advanced analytics, and a data-driven approach can hold the keys to ensuring banks and fintech leaders continue to scale despite this rapidly evolving credit crisis.


The Future of Self Service in Data & Analytics

Featuring an enviable lineup including; Frederic de Sibert, Global Head of Investment Banking Services Strategists at Goldman Sachs, Paul Downes, COO at Autovista Group, Kerem Talih, General Manager/CFO at Doğuş Otomotiv and Dr. Mamdouh Refaat, Chief Data Scientist at Altair. This hour-long webinar is full of insight, guidance, and tips from global businesses that are at various stages of their Data & Analytics journeys.


The Future of Data Democratization

Hear from a prestigious panel of experts including David Huguet, Data Lead at SNCF, plus Martijn van Baardwijk, CFO - Continental Europe at Inchcape plc. as we focus on;

  • How to democratise data inside and outside your company;
  • How to manage the security and risk associated with data democratization;
  • The improvements brought by having unified access to data.
Chaired by Anthony Townsend, Director of EMEA Sales, Altair.


The Future of Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics is being touted as the next frontier in AI’s Evolution with Gartner defining it as “the use of enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation to augment how people explore and analyze data”.


Knowledge Studio Spotlight Series: Optimizing Marketing Retention Campaigns Using Data Analytics

Marketers need to better understand changing preferences and shifting demand so they can personalize their interactions. Altair Data Analytics solutions help clients derive deeper, faster customer and prospect insights by blending and analyzing data across all channels, without any coding or IT dependencies.


A Journey in Machine Learning: Updates and Use Cases From Angoss to Altair Knowledge Studio

Data Analytics is at the core of driving business value through digital transformation. Transparency in model building and explaining model outcomes leads to confident decision making. Learn how Altair Knowledge Studio fits into an organization’s data-driven approach to solve complex business questions.


Financial Fraud Mitigation with Data Analytics

Fraud mitigation requires technologies and business processes that are flexible in their construct, easily understood by all who are involved in fraud prevention, and are agile enough to adapt to new attacks without needing to be rebuilt from scratch.
Data from all business units and functional silos must be included to create a holistic view of the success of fraud operations. The insight found in classical auditing techniques and predictive machine learning models, combined with the expertise of fraud analysts can foster an evidenced-based methodology to quickly respond to new financial crimes.


Genworth Mortgage Machine Learning Experience with Altair Knowledge Studio

Genworth Global Mortgage Insurance (GMI) outlines their Machine Learning Journey with Altair Knowledge Studio and Text Mining.


Telecom Cross Selling to Increase Loyalty, Revenue

There is tremendous opportunity for telco providers to grow Annual Revenue Per User through increased loyalty


Leverage Altair Data Analytics for Optimizing Preventative Churn Strategies

It's no industry secret that it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to acquire new ones.


Altair's 2020 Data Analytics Summit

James R. Scapa brings more than 35 years of engineering experience to his dual role of chairman and CEO of Altair, a title he has held since the company's inception in 1985. Through Scapa's leadership, the company is now a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Today, the company employs over 3,000 engineers, scientists and creatives with more than 86 offices in 25 countries. With more than 11,000 customers globally, Altair software enables customers to enhance product performance, compress development time and reduce costs. Scapa earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and a master of business administration degree from University of Michigan.


5 Key Areas to Invest in to Enable Smarter Decision Making

Explores the five key areas to invest in to enable smarter decision making with data.


The Future of Altair's Data Analytics Solutions

Altair solver technology helps to unleash the limitless potential of the creative mind. We seek through our technology to inspire and empower people to solve the greatest engineering challenges. The 2020 software release further advances forward-looking technologies for simulation and optimization from concept to in-service across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, and electronics. With major additions to our multi-physics solver portfolio, we get ever closer to being able to reliably predict design performance.


The Data-Supported Deception: False Insights

ML and AI is experiencing a revolution in the scale of usage and applications. A common and frequent step in the ML model development process is the use of data to extract insights about the process being modeled and optimized. However, insights based on data could often show unreal trends and relationships.


Self Service Data Transformation in the Federal Government: A Look at Maintenance, Accounting, and Criminal Investigation Analytics

Explore how Altair’s self-service data analytics platform enables people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions. We’ll be joined by our solution specialist to see how different federal government data sets, including maintenance analytics data, accounting data and criminal investigation data, can be easily transformed and business processes automated.

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Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Using Altair Knowledge Studio

This session will be a general overview of just exactly what machine learning is and how it can add value to your business. Definitions of terms and an overview of what kinds of predictive analytics there are, and what is needed from a business perspective to take advantage of these predictive techniques. Attendees will be given examples of models and an introduction on how to take historical data, build models and create a reusable workflow.

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Advanced Analytics Using Altair Knowledge Studio

Building on the introduction class, this session will take the attendees on a journey into specific modeling examples, example on how to validate those models and finally analysis and test those models.

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Ford Enhances Manufacturing Efficiency

Sheet metal stamping is fundamental to the automotive manufacturing industry. A vast array of different tool, die, and process combinations are employed to create an equally diverse array of components. Traditionally, identifying the optimum approach for each part has been a labor intensive and time-consuming task that requires engineering teams with high levels of skill and experience. This case study demonstrates how Altair Knowledge Studio, a general-purpose data analytics tool, can enable engineering managers and data analysts to deliver clear and quantifiable benefits in the manufacturing domain. For Ford, this is reflected in dramatic improvements in the speed and efficiency with which the best possible sheet metal stamping processes were selected.

Customer Stories, Use Cases

Continuous Intelligence and the Smart Factory

The presentation will go through a scenario of a smart factory (along the lines of the Industry 4.0 initiative) where a chemical process within a pharmaceutical company produces a substance critical to the production of medications.


Harness The Power of Machine Learning While Building Trust Using Explainable Predictive Analytics

This presentation is about making machine learning models and their decisions interpretable, and why it's important and valuable.


Harnessing Smart Factory Data for Maximum Value and Reduced Risk

Increase shop floor efficiency by identifying hidden anomalies and delivering insights for next-level monitoring and maintenance of manufacturing assets. Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle - from shop floor to top floor - for increased value and reduced risk with a comprehensive self-service data analytics and machine learning platform.


Decision Making Under the “New Normal”

“Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles”. We envisioned and matured our platform to provide a helping hand in taking our customers through the digital transformation journey to enable business transformation.


Altair Knowledge Studio and Panopticon - Use Machine Learning in a Smart Factory Process Manufacturing

This short video demonstrates machine learning applied to a manufacturing workflow for an organic synthesis process. Altair Knowledge Studio - Altair's solution for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence - is used in combination with Panopticon - a platform for user-driven monitoring of real-time data.

Use Cases

Powerful Customer Intelligence

Knowledge Studio Text Analytics Add-On is an industry-first application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics. It delivers unparalleled voice of the customer insights to support customer experience management.


Demystifying Data Science: Predictive Modeling

What is Predictive Modeling?  Why is it useful?  How do you leverage Predictive Modeling in a practical sense for your business?  Users will end this session with a better idea of how they might be able to apply predictive modeling to their own potential use cases. In this webinar, we explore, an introduction to Predictive Modeling, a practical help as to how business and analytics users can best leverage predictive modeling tools, ways to challenge and test predictive models to ensure confidence in performance, and best practice examples of how to deploy the results from predictive.


Training - Machine Learning Techniques for CAE Applications using Altair Data Analytics

Machine learning techniques for CAE applications using Altair Data Analytics software.