Available Modules

Basic Module: Provides the linear analysis functionality:

  • Curing, Hygroscopic, Thermal and Mechanical loadings
  • Mechanical loading defined by Load/Moment and/or Strain/Curvature components
  • Effects of manufacturing deviations from the nominal fiber volume fraction
  • Main results include effective stiffness constants for the laminate, effective hygroscopic and thermal coefficients, solution matrices and vectors, expected in-plane laminate strength
  • Layer stress and strain can be examined in the global or fiber axis systems
  • Built-in failure criteria are Tsai-Wu, Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, maximum/minimum stress
  • Displaced shape in 3D
  • Off-axis laminate behavior demonstrated by polar plots of effective laminate stiffness and hygrothermal coefficients

Design Module: Introduces a new dimension to LAP, in two variants: The Laminate Design procedure consists of specifying a set of mechanical loadings, each with stiffness and strength constraints which must be satisfied by an optimum symmetric laminate to be designed. LAP carries out a thorough investigation of the candidate stacking sequences and presents a finite set to the user. With Batch Solution, a number of laminates are examined to confirm that they indeed satisfy the stiffness and strength requirements set by the user.

Non-linear Module: Includes effects of non-linear material stiffness.

Additional Failure Criteria Module: The BFS failure criterion (Budiansky-Fleck-Soutis) is used to calculate the unnotched as well as the notched longitudinal compressive strength for a laminate. The notch geometry can be one of: center notch, edge notch, open hole, countersunk hole, or filled hole. Through a user-supplied function, a custom failure criterion can be defined for use with linear or non-linear strength analysis.

In addition to LAP, Anaglyph also has included their Component Design Analysis (CoDA) software through the APA. Learn More

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Laminate Tools: Laminate Tools is a stand-alone Windows application which addresses the entire Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process of structural design, focusing on the composite material features. Laminate Tools integrates with Altair® HyperMesh® to address composites design, analysis, and manufacturing disciplines combined.

PlyMatch: PlyMatch is an innovative technology for the shop floor, that integrates hardware with software, to assist in accurately and correctly placing plies during hand-layup manufacturing.